How do I change my plan?

Quick answer

Switching between plans is easy, simply text the shortcut of the plan you want to 568 and it will schedule the plan change instantly. Alternatively, head to 'My Plan & Data' in My amaysim, or 'My Plan'in the amaysim app and follow the prompts to change your plan.

How can I switch my plan?

There are no fees involved with plan changes at amaysim and you can request to change your plan at any point.

If you’re moving to a mobile or data-only plan with more inclusions (upgrading) before your current plan is due to renew, we'll move you over immediately.

If you’re requesting to move to a smaller plan with less inclusions (downgrading) you’ll will be switched to your new plan at the end of your current plan’s expiry period (within 28 days if you’re an UNLIMITED mobile plan user, or within 30 days if you’re using FLEXI or a data-only plan).

If you've linked a payment method to your account, simply choose one of the following options:

  • Head to the My plan area of the amaysim app and select your new plan;
  • Log in to My amaysim, head to My Plan & Data and select your new plan;
  • Or text the shortcut of the plan you want to add to 568

Switching between Data Packs

Switching between Data Packs is easy, just keep in mind you can only recharge with a Data Pack of equal or greater size if you’re adding a new Data Pack during an existing 30 day period.

Adding the same Data Pack

If you want to add a Data Pack that's of the same value as your existing Data Pack before it has expired, you’ll need to have used 85% or more of your existing Data Pack’s included data.

For example, if you have a 2.5GB Data Pack and want to add another 2.5GB Data Pack before the 30 day expiry period ends, you’ll need to have used at least 2176MB of your included data before adding your second 2.5GB Data Pack.

Adding a larger Data Pack

You can upgrade to a larger Data Pack at any time during your existing Data Pack’s 30 day expiry period - any unused data will be added to your new Data Pack and extended for a new 30 day expiry period.

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