Here at amaysim, we love data. That’s why we reckon it’s important to make sure you’re using data on what matters to you and not wasting it on things that don’t and we’ve made managing your data usage easy through the amaysim app, My amaysim and our 568 SMS shortcuts.

It’s easy to bury your head in a good video or playlist without thinking about how much data you’re actually snacking away at and the last thing anyone wants is a hefty data bill. Don't worry, we're here to show you the ropes on how you can control your data use while doing what you love.

Data saving tips

We’ve pulled together a massive range of data saving tips, in one place, so whatever your passion you can find out how you could be getting more from your data without having to take more from your wallet.

Before you get started with amaysim, it’s good to know your usage habits.

That’s why we built our handy Data Calculator so you can get a solid estimate of your data needs and work out what amaysim mobile or data-only plan will best suit your browsing habits.

While our Data Calculator is great for understanding your data usage, it provides an estimate of your monthly data usage and so should be used a guide only.

Need more data?

It's clear that Aussies are using more data than even before and if you're looking for a plan that includes a bit more data, our data-only plans include options for 50GB, 100GB and 150GB.

Data Banking, otherwise known as data rollover, saves all the unused data from your previous renewal period, storing it in a ‘data bank’ ready for you to use whenever you run low on data.

For example, if your plan gives you 30GB of data each renewal, and you only use 10GB – when you next renew, the unused 20GB gets automatically saved in your data bank for later use.

Unlike other telcos who cap their data banks, your amaysim data bank has no limits on the amount of data it can store and no expiry period either, as long as you remain on your current plan.

This way, you’ll always be covered when you need a little bit extra to keep you swiping, scrolling and streaming

When will I use my banked data?

You'll use your usual plan data first - this includes any bonus data or data top-ups that have been added to your account.

If you happen to use up your data balance before your plan renews, you'll begin using the stored data in your data bank to keep you going until your plan has renewed.

From time to time, network behaviour may mean that data is used in a different order however your total data inclusions will remain unchanged.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your data balance (including your specific data bank balance) via the home screen of the amaysim app.

What happens if I change plans?

If you decide to switch plans, your existing data bank balance will not be carried across to your new plan.

My amaysim is easy to use and a hassle-free way to manage your data usage. Balance details will be displayed on the Plan screen once you've logged in, while recent data usage can be viewed through the Usage menu option.

Once there you’ll be able to select the time period you want to view and check the amount of data that was used within the period you’ve searched.

You’ll be able to download any usage reports in PDF form if you want to look into the usage reports further.

The amaysim app is an excellent tool to check your data balance and view recent usage, with balance details being displayed on the home screen once you've logged in, while usage history can be viewed by swiping up on the home screen.

An easy way to track your data usage is to simply text BAL to 568 - you’ll receive a response via SMS advising how much data is left on your plan - simple!