We’ve made managing your plan simple with our 568 SMS shortcuts. This allows you to manage your plan by sending short text messages to the number 568. All texts sent to this number are free of charge

All for use in Australia. Personal use only. Plans automatically renew every 28 days. If you run out of data, you can add more at any time. Additional data is $10/1GB.

Terms & Fair Go policy apply, refer to our Critical Information Summaries.

We've made switching between our awesome plans as easy as sending a text.

  • To switch to Unlimited 80GB- Text $50PLAN to 568
  • To switch to Unlimited 50GB - Text $40PLAN to 568
  • To switch to Unlimited 30GB - Text $30PLAN to 568
  • To switch to Unlimited 6GB - Text $20PLAN to 568
  • To switch to Unlimited 4GB - Text $14PLAN to 568
  • To switch to Unlimited 4GB (valid for 90 days) - Text $30PLAN90 to 568
  • To switch to our Talk and Text only plan (valid for 365 days) - Text $60TNTO to 568
  • To switch to AS YOU GO - Text AS YOU GO to 568

If you’re moving to an amaysim mobile plan with more inclusions (upgrading) before your current plan is due to renew, we'll move you over immediately.

If you’re requesting to move to a smaller plan with less inclusions (downgrading) you’ll be switched to your new plan at the end of your current plan’s expiry period.

Just remember that remaining credit and data won't rollover, so be sure to use it up before you make the switch to get the most value out of your old plan.

If you run out of the included data from your UNLIMITED or data-only plan, you'll be able to add a 1GB/$10 data top-up. The data top-up will be added to your plan’s pool of data and will expire at the same time as your plan.

For a 1GB data top-up (expires at the same time as your plan) text TOP1GB to 568

If you’ve linked a payment method to your account, you can add credit to your account by texting TOP and the credit amount to 568. For example:

  • Text TOP10 for a top up of $10
  • Text TOP15 for a top up of $15
  • Text TOP20 for a top up of $20
  • Text TOP30 for a top up of $30
  • Text TOP50 for a top up of $50
  • Text TOP100 for a top up of $100

To check your balance text BAL to 568 from your amaysim mobile number. We'll respond with a text letting you know how much credit and data you've got left in your account, as well as when your credit or plan is due to expire.

To recharge using a voucher purchased from one of our retailers, simply text the voucher PIN number to 568