How do I transfer my number to amaysim?

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During the signup process you'll need to select that you want to keep your current number and will then be able start the transfer whenever you're ready.

Please remember to keep your number active with your existing provider until the transfer has been completed.

Before you transfer your number to amaysim

  • The number you're transferring will need to be listed under your own name and personal details
  • You can only transfer a number if your service is active, so don't cancel your service with your your current provider until the number transfer has been completed
  • If your contract with your current provider hasn't ended, you'll need to wait for it to end or contact them to find out how to terminate it early (you might incur a charge for this)
  • If your handset is locked to your current provider's network, you'll need to ask your provider about getting it unlocked (you might incur a charge for this)

Sign up to amaysim

When you join amaysim, you'll be asked if you want to sign up with a new number or keep your current mobile number. Once you've selected that you want to keep your existing number, you’ll be prompted to enter the following details:

  • Your current mobile number.
  • Select whether your existing number is Prepaid or Postpaid (month to month) with your current provider
  • Your date of birth (if you’re Prepaid) or your account number (if you’re Postpaid).

Start your number transfer online

Starting the transfer is easy and once you've received your SIM, you'll need to log in to My amaysim with your amaysim number and password and click the Start Number Transfer button to begin your transfer.

You can start the transfer at any time, however transfers will only become active between 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 6pm on Saturday, so try to avoid starting your number transfer on a Saturday evening as it won't start until 8am the following Monday.

Most transfers will be completed within a few hours, however the process may fall into the next business day if the transfer is initiated outside of the porting hours listed above.

During the transfer

During the transfer you can continue to use your current provider's SIM. Once it stops working, that’ll mean your amaysim SIM is in the process of being activated and you'll need to insert your new amaysim SIM into your device. There may be a short period of service interruption but your service should become active by 8pm on that day.

Once the transfer is complete, your number will be automatically cancelled with your previous provider.

Note: Sometimes account details don't match and transfers can fail. If your transfer has failed, don't panic as we've got a step by step guide on how you can complete the transfer process.

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