How does data banking work?

Data Banking, otherwise known as data rollover, saves all the unused data from your previous renewal period, storing it in a ‘data bank’ ready for you to use whenever you run low on data.

For example, if your plan gives you 30GB of data each renewal, and you only use 10GB – when you next renew, the unused 20GB gets automatically saved in your data bank for later use.

Unlike other telcos who cap their data banks, your amaysim data bank has no limits on the amount of data it can store and no expiry period either, as long as you remain on your current plan.

This way, you’ll always be covered when you need a little bit extra to keep you swiping, scrolling and streaming

You'll use your usual plan data first - this includes any bonus data or data top-ups that have been added to your account.

If you happen to use up your data balance before your plan renews, you'll begin using the stored data in your data bank to keep you going until your plan has renewed.

From time to time, network behaviour may mean that data is used in a different order however your total data inclusions will remain unchanged.

You can check your data balance (including your specific data bank balance) via the home screen of the amaysim app.

If you decide to switch plans, your existing data bank balance will not be carried across to your new plan.

You won't be penalised for missing a renewal payment and your existing data bank balance will be reinstated once you've re-added your usual mobile plan.