I cannot make any outgoing phone calls from my mobile

Quick answer

If you’re unable to make calls from your mobile, first check that you have enough credit by texting BAL to 568. If you’re still having issues after checking your balance, please turn your device off for at least one minute and switch it back on to see if this resolves the issues.

I cannot make outgoing calls

There are a number of reasons for not being able to make outgoing calls and we've created the below guide to help remedy these issues.

  • Check your plan balance by texting BAL to 568 - if you've run out credit, here are all the easy ways you can recharge.
  • If the issues persist after checking your balance, please continue with the following steps
  • Power your device off for at least one minute and turn it back on
  • See if you can now call out, as a lot of the time a simple power cycle can help re-establish your connection to the network
Check the coverage in your area

If the issues persist after following the above steps, here's how you can check the coverage conditions in your area:

  1. Type in your address into the coverage checker
  2. Tick the Outages in the Area box
  3. Check the network status of any nearby towers.
    • Green coloured towers indicate there are no service issues
    • Orange coloured towers indicate maintenance or upgrades are being performed
    • Red coloured towers indicate there is an issue or network outage
Isolation Test

So we can rule out your handset as the cause of the issue, if the issues with your calls are still persistent after following the above troubleshooting, please try using your SIM card in a different (unlocked) device to see if you're able to make calls.

If you're able to make calls when your SIM card is placed in another device, your phone may be the cause of your issues and we’d recommend contacting your device manufacturer for further assistance.

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