Most handsets and devices sold in Australia today support the Optus network fully. You can ask the retailer you are buying it from about Optus network support, or look at the specifications of the device before you make a purchase. These are the key items to look for in specifications:

    • 3G Network 900 MHz (UMTS/W-CDMA Band 8)
    • 4G Network 700 MHz (LTE Band 28)
    • We also recommend purchasing a 4G VoLTE compatible device to future proof your mobile experience"
    • 4G 700MHz will provide the best experience

To start enjoying superfast mobile internet and improved indoor coverage with amaysim on the Optus 4G Plus network, you’ll need to be in an area with area with 4G coverage and have a 4G enabled mobile device.

The Optus 4G Plus network uses the following frequencies to deliver a better mobile internet experience:

  • 700MHz;
  • 1800MHz;
  • 2100MHz; and
  • 2600MHz.

In particular, the 700MHz frequency has the advantage of providing better data speeds in indoor locations because it can penetrate further into buildings. To see which frequencies your device supports, check your device specifications in your device manual or by completing a quick Google search.

Yes, as long as your 3G device supports the 900MHz spectrum, and is not network locked.

3G compatible devices will only be able to access the Optus 3G network. You can still use any of our amaysim mobile or data-only plans, however you’ll only have access to 3G data speeds.

To enjoy superfast mobile internet on the Optus 4G Plus network you’ll need to have an unlocked 4G compatible mobile device and be in an area with 4G coverage.