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Resolve Failed Payment

Resolving a failed plan payment

23 Mar 2021


amaysim's tech geek

Don’t panic if your plan payment has declined, it’s easy to update your payment details and get your plan back up and running.

Step 1 - Ensure there are enough funds in the payment method linked to your account.

Step 2 - Update your payment details (if required)

If you need to update your payment details

  1. Log in to My amaysim and select the SIM plan you wish to manage.
  2. Once logged in, head to the Payment Method tab and click change.
  3. From here, select your desired payment method through the dropdown menu and follow the prompts to update your details.

Step 3 - Re-add your plan

Once your payment details are updated/ready to be charged, you can re-add your mobile plan by following one of the below options:

Using the amaysim app

  1. Log in to the app and select the SIM you wish to manage.
  2. Click restart plan to re-add your usual 28-day mobile plan (select change plan if you want to try a new plan). This will automatically charge the payment method linked to your account.

Using My amaysim

  1. Log in to My amaysim and select manage plan
  2. Scroll down and click change plan.
  3. Choose your new plan from the drop-down option and follow the prompts. This will re-add your chosen plan and charge the payment method on your account

If you'd like to recharge using a voucher, you'll need to buy and redeem a new voucher before re-adding your plan via the app or My amaysim.

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If you haven't done so already, make sure you download the amaysim app for iOS or Android. It's the one-stop-shop for managing your mobile plan.

The app is free, can be used if you've run out of mobile data, and allows you to:

  • Check your mobile credit and data balance, and add more for when you need it
  • Switch your mobile plan at any time
  • Manage the auto-renew settings for your amaysim mobile plan
  • View your data usage history
  • Get quick answers to any support questions
  • Update other settings like call waiting, voicemail and roaming
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