I'm not receiving any signal on my device

Quick answer

If you’re experiencing disruptions with your signal, please turn your device off for one minute and switch it back on. If the issues persist after this has been completed, head to our coverage hub to check if there’s a tower upgrade or maintenance work in your area.

Check the network status in your area

Coverage will depend on factors such as your device, software, location, your distance from a network tower and network traffic. To access 4G signal you’ll need to be using a 4G enabled device and be in a 4G coverage area.

When you’re on the go you may find your device switching between 4G and 3G, this is because your device will automatically select the strongest signal in your area

Use our handy coverage checker to check for service disruptions in your area.

  1. Type in your address
  2. Tick the Outages in the Area box
  3. Check the network status of any nearby towers.
    • Green coloured towers indicate there are no service issues
    • Orange coloured towers indicate maintenance or upgrades are being performed
    • Red coloured towers indicate there is an issue or network outage

I’ve checked the coverage in my area, however I’m still having issues

If the towers in your area are not being impacted by a tower upgrade or maintenance work, however you continue to experience service disruptions, turn your device off for at least one minute and then switch it back on.

Isolation Test

So we can rule out your handset as the cause of the issue, if the issues with your phone are still persistent after powering your device off and on, please try using your SIM in a different (unlocked) device to see if the SIM works.

Still experiencing signal problems while your SIM card is in another phone? There may be an unreported network outage or unplanned maintenance work. We’d recommend checking back with our coverage checker for updated information surrounding the coverage conditions in your area.

If you're able to receive signal when your SIM card is placed in another device, your phone may be the cause of your issues and we’d recommend contacting your device manufacturer for further assistance.

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