There are a number of different factors that can impact 3G and 4G data speeds, including;

  • The device you're using - Is your phone 3G/4G compatible?
  • Location - Is 3G or 4G available in your area? How far are you from the nearest 3G/4G tower?
  • Excessive data sessions - Are you attempting to use too many apps at the same time?
  • Outages - Are there planned or unplanned outages nearby?
  • Does your phone support all the Optus mobile network frequencies (4G LTE 700 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz - 3G 900 MHz)

Check your phone

It's good practice to try closing all active apps on your device and then turning your phone off for at least one minute, before switching it back on again to see if this resolves the issues you're having.

If the issues persist after these steps are completed, please refer to the below steps so you can check for service disruptions in your area.

  1. Type in your address
  2. Tick the Outages in the Area box
  3. Check the network status of any nearby towers.
    • Green coloured towers indicate there are no service issues
    • Orange coloured towers indicate maintenance or upgrades are being performed
    • Red coloured towers indicate there is an issue or network outage

I’ve checked the coverage in my area, however I’m still having issues

There may be an unreported network outage or unplanned maintenance work being conducted in your area. We’d recommend checking back at a later time with our coverage checker for updated information surrounding the coverage conditions in your area.

If you're able to receive signal when your SIM card is placed in another device, your phone may be the cause of your issues and we’d recommend contacting your device manufacturer for further assistance.