If your number transfer has failed, it's because we weren’t able to match the account details you’ve provided to those held by your current provider. If this is the case, simply log in to My amaysim and click 'Your number transfer has failed' in order to update your details and re-submit the transfer.

If your number transfer has failed, it's because we weren’t able to match the account details you’ve provided to those held by your current provider, for example:

  • You’ve provided us with an incorrect billing type for your existing plan; If you pay for your plan upfront, you're probably Prepaid, if however you pay a month to month bill, you're probably on a Postpaid plan
  • If you’re Postpaid (month to month), another reason for the transfer failing is because the account number you’ve provided to us may be incorrect. You can check your latest bill for your correct account number
  • If you’re on a Prepaid plan, the Date of Birth you’ve given us may be incorrect. Please make sure you are the authorised account holder and you've provided us with the correct date of birth.
  • The mobile number you’re transferring may of been cancelled, or you may have accidentally given us the wrong mobile number

We can only transfer your number if your service is active, so don't cancel your service until the transfer is complete. If you've already cancelled your number, please contact your previous provider to have the number reactivated. You'll then be able to re-start the transfer by following the steps below.

To start your number transfer again and activate your amaysim SIM card simply:

  1. Log in to My amaysim and click Plan , Transfer my number then navigate through the /my-account/my-amaysim/dashboards button
  2. Click Let's start and enter the required details before pressing Get authorisation code
  3. Now enter the 6- digit code sent to your number by SMS and click Start number transfer

If the reason your transfer has failed is not listed above, please get in touch so we can help complete your transfer. 

Transfers will only become active between 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 6pm on Saturday, so try to avoid starting your number transfer on a Saturday evening as it won't start until 8am the following Monday.

Most transfers will be completed within a few hours, however the process may fall into the next business day if the transfer is initiated outside of the porting hours listed above.

During the transfer you can continue to use your current provider's SIM. Once it stops working, that’ll mean your amaysim SIM is in the process of being activated and you'll need to insert your new amaysim SIM into your device . There may be a short period of service interruption but your service should become active by 8pm on that day.

Once the transfer is complete, your number will be automatically cancelled with your previous provider.

Yes! If you no longer wish to transfer your number and want to select a new number instead, simply follow the steps below;

  • Log in to My amaysim with your amaysim number and password;
  • Click Your number transfer has failed
  • Click Pick a new number

From here, simply follow the prompts to select a new number which will complete the activation of your amaysim SIM.