How do I refer a friend to amaysim?

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Referring a friend is easy – simply log in to My amaysim and click 'Refer a Friend' and follow the prompts. You’ll both score $10 amaysim credit once your friend joins and uses their SIM card for the first time - simple!

How do I refer a friend?

We’re stoked you asked! Both you and a friend will score $10 amaysim credit when they sign up to an amaysim mobile plan with your unique referral link and use their SIM card for the first time.

Here's how you can refer a friend:

You'll then be able to choose your referral method of choice (Email, Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus or a unique link you can send to your friends).

Don’t be shy – there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer, and you’ll receive $10 credit for every friend you successfully refer to amaysim!

To successfully refer a friend to amaysim so you both receive the bonus $10 credit:

  1. Your friend must join amaysim and activate their SIM online using your unique referral link
  2. Your friend must sign up to either an UNLIMITED mobile plan or AS YOU GO, and begin using their amaysim service

Who can I refer to join amaysim?

You can refer anyone you like and there’s absolutely no limit to how many friends you can refer and you’ll continue to get a $10 amaysim bonus credit over and over and over again - just make sure you and your friends follow the steps listed above.

When do I get my bonus credit?

You'll both receive your $10 credit when your friend uses their amaysim service for the first time – that's when they either make a call, send a text or use data on their new amaysim plan - if the $10 doesn't appear in your account, it means your friend hasn't started using their amaysim service yet – so remind them to get going!

In some cases there could be up to 72-hours delay before the $10 credit is applied to both accounts.

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