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Setting up Voicemail is easy, simply call 321 from your mobile and follow the prompts. Once the setup is complete, 321 will also be the number you'll need to call to access your Voicemail.

Setting up Voicemail

Upon activation of your amaysim service, a Voicemail PIN will be automatically sent to you via text. Once you’ve received this message, simply call 321 from your mobile to complete your Voicemail setup.

  • When you call 321 from your mobile, you’ll be asked to type the PIN into your phone and record your name and personal greeting (that’s what people will hear when they call through and can’t get back to you, so make it catchy!).
  • Once your greeting has been set, we’d recommend changing your Voicemail PIN to something more personal so you can easily access your Voicemail settings in the future. You can do this through the user options area of 321 (that’s option number 8 on the main menu).
  • Your PIN can be any series of numbers between 4 & 9 digits, provided they are not sequential (e.g. 5678) or aren't a series of repeated numbers (e.g. 111).

If you’re on one of our UNLIMITED plans or FLEXI you get unlimited access to Voicemail included in your plan. If you’re on AS YOU GO you’ll be charged at the low rate of 15c/min for Voicemail access.

Accessing your voicemail

To access your Voicemail including retrieval of messages, updating your greeting and more, simply dial 321 from your amaysim number.

  • To update your greeting press 3
  • To access user options including group lists and change your Voicemail PIN press8

You can enable/disable Voicemail at any point through Settings in My amaysim, the settings tabs of the amaysim app or by calling ##002# from your mobile.

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