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Where's my data going?

14 Apr 2015
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It seems you’d like to learn about data usage on the 4G network and whether it differs from 3G.

Recently I’ve noticed our customers have wanted to know more about the way 4G technology works. So I’ve knocked together this blog to give you an idea of where your data’s going when you use 4G.

Why am I using more data on 4G than when I was on 3G?

Some of you might have found you’re using up data faster on the 4G network than you would using 3G. If this is the case, the reason behind it is simple.

A faster (4G) connection means you get individual tasks done faster than you did on 3G. That is, you’ll get more done in five minutes on 4G than five minutes on 3G. So while this means it takes you less time to get things done online, it can result in more data being used per session if you don’t keep any eye on how much you’re using.

Using the Optus 4G Plus network only increases the speed at which data is downloaded – not the amount of data you’re using to do a particular task. Many of our 4G customers are doing all the things they love online faster than ever before so on 4G you’re able to open more web pages, download more files and stream more videos on the faster connection.

Does YouTube use up more data on 4G?

You might have noticed an increase in data usage from streaming services, like YouTube, on the Optus 4G Plus network. This is because platforms like YouTube will often automatically detect 4G speed and switch you from Standard Definition to High Definition videos. To avoid this happening I advise setting the quality of the stream yourself to Standard Definition.

How do I keep my 4G data usage in check?

Here are a few ways to keep your data usage down when you use 4G:

  • Track your data usage in My amaysim or by using our free amaysim app for Apple and Android;
  • Pay attention to our data usage alerts – we’ll let you know when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% via email and SMS (keep in mind sometimes it takes up to 48-hours for these messages to send);

  • Text ‘BAL’ to 568 to see how much data you’ve still got up your sleeve;

  • If you’re nearing the finish line with your current allowance, why not add a data top-up (1GB/$10); and

  • Get a feel for how much monthly data you ideally need with our amaysim Data Calculator.

If you’re after even more info, Lee - our IT legend – discusses data use on the 4G network in our 4G myth buster video. Also, if there are questions about data use and management you’d like answered hit us up in the comments below.

Tipo - amaysim's content guy