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Best Android Phones Under $300

6 March 2024

One of the biggest factors when looking for a new phone is how much you have to spend.

If budget wasn't a consideration, most of us would love having a top-of-the-range model with a high-tech camera, super-long battery life, amazing gaming performance and the coolest colour around. 

But not everyone can afford the cost of a new Samsung Galaxy S24 or an iPhone 15 ). For most of us, choosing a new phone is all about getting the best quality that you can afford.

The good news is that it’s possible to get a decent phone for a whole lot less. While there are cheaper Apple iPhones, most budget friendly options come in an Android variety. 

So, what are the best Android phones under $300? We’ve done the legwork for you to find the best cheap phones in Australia.

What makes a great budget phone?

Mobile phones were originally all about having a chat or sending a text-only message. These days, our phones are so much more but how much of the tech do we actually need? Or use in practice?

There’s no doubt that, when buying an Android phone for less than $300, you’ll need to make some choices about quality, speed, looks and function. 

Let’s look at cameras as an example. With a more affordable phone, you’re unlikely to be able to get a great low-light photo (we suggest borrowing your mate’s fancy phone for that). But, if you’re happy with some fun selfies and the ability to take a snap of your receipts to claim back at tax-time, lower quality phone cameras will suit you just fine. 

By using the art of compromise, you can find features on an Android phone costing under $300 that don’t cost the earth. 

Here’s a range of priorities you might have for a phone — everything from size and cameras to battery life and refresh rates— to find you the best Android phones under $300 in Australia.

Our favourite - The Oppo A53s

The Oppo A53s smartphone has a clever design and high-quality features, all at a budget price.

The design punches above its price-point, with a textured 3D skin featuring translucent waves of colour and light (you can choose from Fancy Blue or Electric Black). Lightweight and ultra-thin, the gently curving back panel sits easily and ergonomically in one hand, a real bonus in this era of bigger, heavier and more cumbersome phones. Its size means the Oppo A53s is both easy to use and looks great.

The high-resolution 6.5-inch display is good for mobile gaming or for watching your favourite viral videos, and the 90Hz refresh rate produces a nice and smooth screen performance. The battery life is a high 5000mAh and a fast-charging 18W will ensure that, even when you run out of juice, you’ll be up and running again quickly.

Standard issue is 4GB RAM and up to128GB of onboard memory (with room to increase to 256GB), dual SIM card tray and space for a microSD card if you need to expand your memory. 

Good quality photos are achievable with the AI Triple Camera, with a 13 megapixel (MP) main camera, 2MP depth and macro lenses combining for portrait, landscape or closeup shots. And there are in-camera filters ready to personalise your favourite photos (including an AI beautification mode that smooths out skin blemishes). The 1080p video is nothing exceptional in terms of quality, but fine for social media posts and fun memories.

Though it doesn’t achieve the same functionality, quality of photos, high-level display refresh rates, or super-fast charging as higher priced phones, the Oppo A53s looks the part of a high-end smartphone without the price tag, 

The verdict: At this price, The Oppo A53s is one of the best priced android phones in Australia. 

One of the best – the Samsung Galaxy A13 4G

Samsung Galaxy is one of the biggest brands in the mobile phone universe (pardon the pun!). Most people associate Samsung with the superhero Galaxy S, but Samsung can still save the payday with its more restrained Samsung Galaxy A series phones.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 has a rear camera mounted in the top left-hand corner, a feature of several Galaxy handsets. That’s something to get your selfie technique used to, but the curved plastic and overall quality engineering of the handset means you’ll have no trouble holding the compact handset for the perfect shot.

The 6.6 inch display is vivid and crisp and, while the 2408 x 1080 LCD screen and 60 Hz refresh rate are below the standards of more expensive AMOLED displays, it does a reasonable enough job when viewing websites, photos and videos.

While a lot of phones $300 or under have three lenses the Galaxy A13 comes with four – a 50Mp wide, 5MP ultrawide, 2MP macro and 2MP depth lenses. At 50MP the main camera produces great shots in good light, with a decent optical zoom and HDR processing for evening out high contrast lighting. Video footage at 1080p at 30 frames per second will produce reasonable quality videos.

The processor is standard at 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage (with capacity to expand to 128GB) and there is room for a microSD card if more memory is required. If you’re a high-end user or are running a lot of apps, things can slow down and you may find yourself reaching your memory limit sooner than you’d like.

The 5000mAh battery gives you plenty of power for big days out and the 15W wired charger provides pretty fast recharging. There’s no option for wireless charging, but that could be one of those features you can happily live without. 

There are a few features in the Galaxy A13 series you might miss at some stage, especially if you’re one of those people prone to dropping your phone in inconvenient places. For example, the handset isn’t dustproof or waterproof, so it’s important to keep the Galaxy A13 4G dry and to treat it with a little more care. 

 There is no capacity to connect this phone to the new 5G network, so keep that in mind. 

The verdict: An affordable, easy to use handset with a quad-lens camera that’s versatile and produces good quality photos. 

An option for good battery life – The Motorola moto g54  5G

Motorola have made a name for themselves producing affordable phones that do exactly what it says on the box – simple, well-made and easy-to-use phones. The Motorola moto g54 5G is all that and a little bit more, thanks to having one of the best battery lives of all Android phones in Australia.

Despite a plastic frame and weighing in at a featherweight 183g, you might be mistaken for thinking there isn’t much to this phone. 

However, the 6.5 inch high definition LCD display looks crystal clear and, with a refresh rate of 120Hz , the Motorola moto g54 is great for watching your latest videos or browsing the web. The price tag doesn’t include gorilla glass so adding your own tempered glass screen protector is highly recommended. 

The moto g54 has 4GB RAM and standard 128GB memory, with a microSD slot for up to 1TB of additional memory. A 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C charging are standard ports on the bottom of the phone.

If you have access to the 5G network in Australia (or once it comes to your area), the Motorola moto g54 works a treat.

The Motorola moto g54 comes with two camera lenses; a 50MP main lens and a 2MP macro. Photos and videos are of good-enough quality but the small processor used by Motorola struggles with autofocus and in low-light conditions (so head to well-lit areas and avoid backlighting when taking group shots).

The 5000mAh battery should last for more than a day’s use. That’s just as well, as the wired 10W cable is slow to reach 100%, requiring just around two hours to fully charge from under 10%. Still, a battery life of up to two days (with minimal use) is great for a weekend away.

The verdict: This is the best Android phone under $300 for avoiding battery anxiety, along with simple features at an affordable price.

An option for good display - OnePlus Nord N20 5G

The OnePlus Nord N20 5G phone is larger than other Android phones priced under $300. 

The 6.4-inch AMOLED display screen with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution has good clarity. Though it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, this is more than compensated for by the bright and detailed screen, perfect if you’re a regularly watching content.

The OnePlus Nord N20 comes with a 4500mAh battery and a fast 33W charger, so you’ll have solid battery life. 

The 64MP main lens includes image stabilisation and there’s a 2MP macro camera for close-ups. The 2MP monochrome camera doesn’t add a lot that simple editing can’t provide. 

The OnePlus Nord N20 comes with 6MB RAM and 128GB of memory, as well an additional slot for a microSD card.

The verdict: a good all-round option for an Android phone under $300 in Australia.

An option for good display - OnePlus Nord N20 5G

Like a bit of old school tech? If so, you’ll probably know that Nokia was one of the early innovators in handset design. In its time (we’re talking in the late 1990s) the flip phone – where the screen is hinged to the keypad and opens and closes with a casual flip of the wrist and a satisfying ‘thump’ as you end a call – really set the market alive.

Sure, most phones now have digital screens and the ubiquitous swipe action but sometimes simple is good, and the Nokia 2660 has a lot of pluses that might be ideal for you.

The Nokia 2660 is a phone that’s designed to be, well, a phone! If your main need is for voice calls and some basic text messaging, then why pay thousands or even hundreds for tech you don’t use. 

Having physical buttons for dialling a number, changing the volume and even powering the phone on-and-off is tactile and could be helpful for users who struggle with sensory feedback or coordination.

At 2.8 inches, the display screen is tiny compared to a smart phone. There is a camera but it only offers 0.3 megapixels so, let’s be honest, it takes terrible photos. 

In summary, the Nokia 2660 is a device intended for one thing – making calls.

The verdict: A simple phone that makes phone calls at a really affordable price.

Another value option: Optus phones

Optus offer some of the most affordable phones under $300 in Australia. They offer their own operating system (hence why they’re not included in detail in this round up of Android phones under $300), and a range of phones that won’t break the bank.  With options in terms of internal storage, screen sizes, network speed, battery life, waterproof design and overall performance. Optus phones are a great option when you’re in the market for cheap phones in Australia, so check out amaysim’s range here.

So, in conclusion, it is quite possible to buy a brand-new Android phone for under $300. You might not get all the bells and whistles of higher-end phones but you can get a solid device for making calls and more for a price you can afford!

And, once you’ve got your affordable phone, you still need some credit to make those calls. Check out amaysim’s plans right here.


How to choose the best cheap phone? 

You can’t have everything in life! And, without paying top-dollar, you can’t have every phone feature. The art of choosing a cheap phone is knowing what’s essential and which elements you’re willing to compromise on.  

Are you looking for a long battery life and fast charging? Or would you prefer as good a camera as possible? Don’t overlook less well-known but important factors like a good display refresh rate. Get stuck into some research and look out for specials to get the best phone for your best price. 

What is the best Samsung phone under $300 2023?

The Galaxy A Series of phones are Samsung’s best option for those in search of a cheaper Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy A13 4G is one of the most affordable options of Android phones in Australia under $300. The A13 is an affordable, easy to use handset that’s versatile and produces good quality photos.

Which Android phone is the best value for money?

Our favourite super-cheap android phone is the Oppo A53s smartphone, thanks to its  clever design and high-quality features at a budget price. The Oppo A53s looks the part of a high-end smartphone without the price tag.

Is there a mobile phone that just makes calls and texts?

There sure is! Smartphones are fantastic when you need to organise and entertain your way through the day. But not everyone needs all the bells and whistles of these additional functions. The Nokia 2660 is a good ol’ fashioned flip phone. And the Optus X Lite 4G is another great option for those who are after a phone without the frills