mother and son using up their data bank during the school holidays with photos


28 June 2023

If you've been an amaysim customer for a while, you might be facing the very real challenge of what to do with all the data you've saved in your data bank.

For some it simply provides the freedom to stream videos and online game without counting megabytes, but as a parent it's a potential resource for helping our children learn and be entertained (ideally both at the same time!) It's a parental problem the previous generation couldn't prepare us for, so we thought we'd take a moment to explore some valuable ways you can put that precious data to good use educating and entertaining the kids. Whether you're on a road trip or simply looking for ways to engage your children across the school holidays, here are seven fantastic ways to utilise your data to feed the curiosity, education and entertainment of your kids these school holidays.

7 Ways to use you data bank during the school holidays

1. Discover Educational Apps:

Mobile data opens up a world of educational apps that can transform your child's screen time into a productive learning experience. From interactive math and science apps to language learning tools, there is a plethora of educational apps available. Encourage your kids to explore subjects they find interesting, as these apps often make learning engaging and fun (especially when you engage with them at the same time as your child).

2. Stream Educational Content

Let's be honest - there's only so much learning your kid can get from Bake Squad and Bluey. With access to mobile data, you can stream educational content on platforms like YouTube, TED-Ed, and National Geographic Kids. These platforms offer a vast range of videos covering various topics, from history and geography to wildlife and space exploration. Encourage your children to delve into these captivating videos to expand their knowledge while having fun. You can even tailor the topics of the videos you watch to interests and areas your child already shows curiosity for.

3. Engage in Virtual Field Trips

A positive of the lockdowns of the last few years is the wonderful resources available to explore educational institutions both in Australia and across the glob. Use mobile data to take your kids on virtual field trips to museums, national parks, and famous landmarks around the world. Platforms like Google Arts & Culture and National Park Service provide virtual tours and interactive experiences that allow children to explore famous sites from the comfort of their own homes. It's an excellent way to nurture their curiosity and broaden their horizons.

4. Enjoy Interactive Storytelling

Mobile data allows access to interactive storytelling apps and audiobooks, which can ignite your child's imagination and love for reading. Apps like Epic! and Audible offer a vast collection of children's books that can be read or listened to on smartphones or tablets. Let your kids choose their favourite stories and watch as they embark on exciting literary adventures.

5. Engage in Multiplayer Games

Let's be real - age-appropriate guidance is needed in this space and like all addictive things, screen time needs to be balanced and monitored. That said, mobile data can enable older kids to engage in multiplayer games that offer the ability to foster social interaction and learn about strategy and co-operation. Popular games like Minecraft and apps like offer multiplayer modes that allow children to play with their friends or connect with other players online. Just ensure that they are playing in a safe and monitored environment (check out our blog on Safe Gaming Tips For Parents).

6. Embrace Creative Apps

Encourage your children's creativity by exploring mobile apps that facilitate drawing, painting, and music creation. Apps like Procreate, Toca Life World, and GarageBand provide intuitive interfaces that enable kids to express their artistic talents. These apps can unlock a world of imagination and serve as a platform for your child's self-expression (plus their digital creations are often easily shared with the extended family).

7. Utilise Learning Platforms

Mobile data allows access to dedicated learning platforms such as Khan Academy, Duolingo, and Scratch. These platforms offer interactive lessons and tutorials on various subjects, including math, science, coding, and languages. By using mobile data to access these resources, you can support your child's learning journey and foster their academic growth.


our data bank is a great resource that has the potential to offer endless possibilities for entertaining and educating kids. From educational apps and streaming platforms to virtual field trips and creative outlets, there is a wealth of options available. Embrace these technologies and make the most of mobile data to engage your children in productive and enjoyable activities. Remember to balance screen time with other offline activities and ensure that your kids use the internet safely and responsibly. With a little creativity and the power of mobile data, you can transform your child's digital experience into a rewarding and enriching one and make the most of your hard-earned data in your amaysim data bank.