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Pimp Your Phone: Best Mobile Phone Accessories Worth Spending Your Hard-Earned $150 On

3 May 2024

So, you’ve managed to find yourself with $150 and you’ve decided to completely ignore the cost-of-living crisis and invest that money on your smartphone. Hey, it’s your decision, so let’s accessorise! Sure, you could go with a generic case and call it a day, but why settle for basic when you’ve got $150 burning a hole in your pocket? Here are the best mobile phone accessories that are actually worth your hard-earned cash, turning your gadget into the tech equivalent of a high-roller Vegas player.

High-End Wireless Earbuds – Because Wires Are So 2010

Price: Up to $150, if you like to hear the sweet sound of luxury.

Forget those tangled messes from yesteryear and step into the world of high-end wireless earbuds. Not only will they make you look like an extra from a sci-fi flick, but they also deliver sound quality so crisp that you’ll hear the bass in your favourite tunes like it’s live. Plus, taking calls on the go without that awkward "hold on, my wire's caught in my zipper" dance? Priceless.

A Killer Power Bank – Your Phone’s Personal Lifeguard

Price: A chunk of your $150, but who can put a price on (phone battery) life?

Let’s face it, your phone’s battery life is more unreliable than a weather forecast. Enter the ultra-high-capacity power bank. This isn't just any battery pack; this is the superhero of the battery world, ready to charge your phone several times over. It’s like having an emergency generator but for your pocket. Apocalypse-proof your connectivity!

A Smartwatch – Get Smarter About Being Smart

Price: Pretty much all that’s left of $150 after buying a cheap pizza.

Pairing a smartwatch with your phone is like giving your wrist an IQ boost. Not only does it tell time (amazing, right?), but it can also read text messages, track your health stats, and even let you reject calls from your wrist. It’s basically a remote control for your life. Plus, you can wave your wrist around and pretend you're a wizard. Magic!

A Premium Phone Case – Armour for Your Electronic Baby

Price: Less than $150, but more than you’d spend on socks.

If you love your phone, put a ring on it - or maybe just a really nice case. A premium case can protect your digital darling from drops, scratches, and the occasional dive into your pet's water bowl. Plus, high-quality cases can come with extra features like built-in batteries or wallet slots. It’s the Swiss Army knife of phone protection!

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Throw a Party, Anywhere

Price: Whatever’s left after you bought that cheap pizza and smartwatch.

Why keep the music trapped inside your phone like a genie in a bottle? A portable Bluetooth speaker frees your tunes so you can be the life of any party (or just dance alone in your kitchen – no judgment here). Waterproof, durable, and capable of annoying your neighbours, these speakers bring the noise and the fun.

The Bottom Line

There you have it—ways to deck out your phone with $150 that might just make you feel like you’re living in 2040. Whether you’re pumping tunes, powering up, or just making sure your gadget can survive your clumsy moments, these accessories prove that sometimes, the best things in life aren’t free—they’re about $150.