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Replacing your amaysim SIM

16 Oct 2013
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amaysim's content guy

Let's talk about what to do if you need to swap or replace your amaysim SIM Card

We’ve been working to make it even easier for you to replace your amaysim SIM . Watch the video below for a quick breakdown on the process, or continue reading below to order your new replacement SIM!

It’s simple to replace your SIM Card

If you need a replacement SIM Card, there’s two easy ways you can pick one up:

  1. Jump into My amaysim and from the main menu, select Replace SIM. There you’ll see options to both order and activate a SIM.
  2. Head in-store. Pop into one of our retailers and pick up a $2 SIM pack. Once you’ve got your new SIM Card, jump into My amaysim and swap your mobile number over to your new SIM.

Replacement SIM Card charges

The cost to order a replacement SIM is FREE and will be sent via standard delivery Australia wide. This means you should receive your replacement SIM within 2-7 days of placing your order online.

If you need the SIM more urgently, you can purchase a replacement SIM for $2 from our range of retail stores that includes Coles, Woolworths, Australia Post, 7-Eleven and more. Then all you have to do is choose the right mobile phone plan suited to your needs.

Long story short, all you need to remember is:

  • You can order a replacement SIM in My amaysim via free Standard Delivery
  • Or You can pick one up in-store for $2
  • Once you've either received or purchased your replacement SIM, simply return to Replace SIM in My amaysim, select Activate my replacement SIM and enter your 13-digit SIM number - this will swap your existing amaysim number onto the new SIM.