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Phone etiquette

Modern day phone etiquette: The rules to break and obey in 2017

07 Mar 2017
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amaysim's content guy

Mobiles are great, but they have been cheekily sneaking their way into social situations for years now – and often not for the better.

We’ve all seen the couple sitting alfresco at a restaurant, one staring into space while the other’s face is inches from their phone. And while we sure love our mobiles here at amaysim HQ, even we have to remind ourselves that there’s a time and a place for everything – including our phones.

So are you breaking the rules when it comes to electronic etiquette? Or are you well-behaved and need to teach others some mobile manners? Whether you’re the best, worst, or somewhere in between, these 9 rules will help you stay on the right side of any social situation.

1. Take the “self” out of selfie

We have to give our digital social lives love throughout the day. From Snapchatting to selfie-taking, we like to let the world know what we’re up to. We’re all for selfies, but it’s also great to share the love and get others involved, especially if they aren’t so attached to their phone. If you’re snapping others, be sure to get the all-clear from them before sharing and tagging.

2. The rule of three

If you’re in a group of four or more, there is a mobile manners rule that you could try out. So long as at least three people are engaged in the conversation, you can duck out to check your phone. This means that eventually everyone gets a turn to phone check, while the conversation goes along relatively undisturbed. The jury is still out on this one, with some saying that the conversation is likely to be very superficial and disjointed, so be prepared for some backlash!

3. Dating

Remember that your mobile phone isn’t just there to help you connect with the world – it can work as a barrier to cut out the real people around you. If you’re on a date, it’s assumed that you’re spending some special time with an S.O., so putting your phone first can be a serious fail.

4. At work

Many workplaces have rules about phones in meetings, Facebook while working and how much time can be spent on unproductive activities. While there’s no way the majority of us could survive without social media for 8+ hours a day, having notifications and messages popping up distracting you probably isn’t going to impress the boss or your colleagues.

5. At the gym

Sometimes you can get away with being on your phone at the gym, but let’s face it, if you’re snappy selfies and messaging buddies, are you really working your bod as hard as you could?

Bringing your phone into a group fitness class is a big no-no, even more so when they are led by an instructor. If you can’t resist checking your phone, don’t be too surprised if you’re given extra burpees and ab crunches as punishment.

6. Soaking up scenery

When you’ve reached the mountaintop, found the perfect beach spot or just a cool piece of street art, make time to appreciate it with the people you’re with. By all means snap a selfie or three, but take that extra few minutes to appreciate your surroundings with your own eyes first before pulling out the camera.

7. Watch the volume, and the language

We talk three times louder on our phones than when talking face to face. So when others are in earshot it’s wise to watch the volume out of courtesy. If we’re talking three times louder, we could also be swearing pretty loudly too – so be mindful of those around you and watch the potty mouth!

8. Don’t spoil the show

The cinema, theatre and shows are no-phone zones. Before, during interval, and after is fair game, but if you start using your phone during the show you’ll feel the death stares of the people sitting nearby. You’re even illuminating your face, so they know who what you look like.

9. Be ready to order

You’re standing in a queue and the person at the front is supposed to be ordering, paying, or giving instruction, but they’re not. They’re on their phone. Everyone is waiting. Don’t. Be. That. Person.

No excuses now – you know exactly when you should and shouldn’t be on your phone. Got any tips of your own? Been in a stitch before when it came to using your mobile. Let me know in the comments!