A good landlord can be tough to find if you’re a renter. And if you’re stuck with a landlord who’s reluctant to fix a leaky tap let alone switch to the nbn, it can be a total pain.

Sadly, you do need their permission to install nbn, and making the transition seem like a tasty offer for your landlord can be tough. After all, they’re a pretty flavourless sort themselves.

Here’s some extra ‘spice’ you can put on your proposal. With the right seasoning, you should be able to make any grumpy landlord as generous as Oprah.

Copper is dying

There will be a day when Australia’s copper network will have been shut down for 93% of Australians. And if you live in a reasonably well-populated part of Australia, you can guarantee that 93% includes you.

If your landlord intends on lording the land for much longer, they’d better get their internet sorted. Or else renters are going to become harder to find than a prawn with a mortgage.

Jump the queues

When copper is officially on its way out, there’s going to be a queue from here to Honduras to get the nbn installed.

At the moment, it’s a pretty simple procedure: you just sort out which nbn plan you want (assuming you’re paying for your internet usage) and your landlord can field the installation costs (if there are any).

I’m just going to go for it

Whoa, back up there just a moment! Sadly you don’t have the right to just change the property you’re renting.

If you landlord is unreasonably denying you basic facilities, you can make a complaint to your state’s governing body. But they have the right to treat their property the way they wish, so the call about the nbn is entirely theirs.

Buy your landlord a desirable and expensive gift as a tribute

A good landlord would be OK with making the change for you.

But if your landlord really is the 2-term president of grumpy-land, they may take a little persuasion. A box of Roses, a bouquet of roses, Turkish delights made from roses… these can all bring a little rosiness to anyone’s cheeks.

Maybe you could even suggest that all the garden maintenance you’ve done, such as mowing or weeding, is worth a little effort on their end. No one’s paying you to tidy their garden, yet you do it anyway, because you’re a lovely person.

So while you can’t forge ahead and install the nbn without your landlord’s permission, don’t give up hope. By sharing the benefits of getting on board early (with perhaps a little bribery if you really need to), it should be a fairly easy sell for them .

Take advantage of the nbn

Once the nbn is available in your area, if you're on the hunt for a suitable internet plan, it's a good time to introduce you to our nbn-plans - they all include unlimited data, are free from lock-in contracts and have no standard activation fees, making it an easy choice when it comes to finding the perfect internet plan.


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