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Enjoy the hassle-free life with Hoff Hacks

08 Feb 2016
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amaysim's content guy

Last year we helped David Hoff (formerly Hasselhoff) drop the hassles in his life. Are you looking to do the same?

Well the good news is, if you’re with amaysim, you’re already half way there. Across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles we’ve been sharing a range of tips and tricks to make your life amazingly simple, we like to call them Hoff Hacks.

Inspired by the big guy himself, our Hoff Hacks are here to take the unnecessary hassles out of your life. Whether it’s phone batteries that die as quickly as Sean Bean in a movie to the struggles of snapping the perfect selfie, we’re here to make sure your 2016 is “Hoff” to a great start.

Here are some Hoff Hacks we've already cooked up

Battery draining features
A draining phone battery can be a major hassle

But that’s ok – take a load Hoff your mobile’s battery when you switch off features like Wi-Fi, Location Settings, Bluetooth and your Mobile Hotspot.

Too late for that?

If your phone’s out of juice, just pop it in to Flight Mode so it charges more quickly – simple.

Use headphones to take photos
Watch countless cat videos, not your data.

Our data usage alerts will help you keep the good times scrolling, regardless of whether you’re Prepaid or Postpaid – we’ll send you a text when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% of your plan’s included data, so there really are no hassles to staying on top of your usage.

The hassle-free way of taking a selfie (super handy if you’re cursed with tiny T-Rex arms).

Seriously, we all struggle with selfie arm. But did you know you can take a selfie by using the “+” button on your headphones. Mind blown? You’re welcome.

Struggling to take a normal photo on your mobile?

There’s actually no major trick to it. Just use your phone’s camera grid tool and follow the lines to get the perfect shot (there’s no shame in staying within the lines).

Got a Hoff Hack of your own?

We want to hear about it!

Write on our Facebook wall, tweet us on Twitter, comment on of our Instagram posts or even drop it in the comments below and let us know what it is.

Here’s to a hassle-free and amazingly simple 2016!


Tipo - amaysim's content guy