Beyonce might have star power, but when it comes to energy, nothing beats solar power from the biggest star of all - the sun.

What’s not to love? It’s clean, green, free energy. So what’s stopping you? Maybe you think solar’s a bit of a nuisance, a pain in the panel?

We’ll leave Queen Bey to bust the moves. We’re gonna bust some common solar power myths so you can be empowered too.

myth #1: you need a lot of sun

Solar power works with light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be a hot or sunny day. So long as it’s daytime, your solar panels will work their collective little energy-converting cells off for you.

Yup, even on a cold or cloudy day, you’ll still generate solar power – just not as much as on a bright day.

Need proof? There are more than 1 million solar homes in the UK – and we know what their weather’s like!

Solar Powered Content

myth #2: my house has to face north

One Direction is a boy band – not a solar panel requirement. North gets the most light throughout a day, but if your house or roof doesn’t face north, you can still generate solar power.

Here’s the thing. Without a battery, you can’t store solar energy. You need to use it when you generate it.

North is great if you’re home during the day – or set your appliances to run then if you’re out.

East-facing panels? Use your solar power when you get up in the morning. Have a hot shower. Run the dishwasher. Do a laundry load. Fire up the pool filter.

West? Use all that energy from the western afternoon sun to run the air con after a hard day’s work.

South? The further north you live in Australia, the better south facing solar panels work – perfect for cooling down on long, hot afternoons.

ready to put the sun to work?

myth #3: it’s too expensive & the rebate’s not worth it

What’s better than free power from sunshine? When it comes to cost of solar panels, the dollars make sense.

Sure, you pay the solar panel cost upfront, but you’ll pay a lot less than 10 or even five years ago – and a well-set up system can pay for itself in as little as four years.

You’ll get free renewable energy and lower your other energy costs by using less electricity whenever you use solar instead.

You still can get a rebate for installing a solar power system. Like the cost of solar panel kits, it’s gone down over time, but, depending on where you live, you’ll get back about $680 per 100kW of your system. Now that’s on the money!

Plus, if you feed solar energy you aren’t using back into the grid, energy providers like amaysim will pay you for it. Cha-ching!

Solar Energy

myth # 4: solar panels are ugly & damage your roof

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (And when it comes to saving money with solar, we say, ‘You beauty’!)

Solar panel design has come a long way. Forget the old bulky ones. They’re now thinner, sleeker and you can get black and barely noticeable panels to blend in with you roof. The sort of ones you’d post to Instagram.

Solar panels are like superheroes – they can protect your roof! They provide a barrier that helps shield it from the elements and damaging UV.

So now you know. Go ahead, make you day. Get solar power ready and put the sun to work for you!


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