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Apple iPhone 11 Preview

iPhone 11: everything we expect Apple to announce next week (the final rumours)

04 Sep 2019


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The final countdown to 2019’s iPhone range is officially underway, with Apple last week sending out media invites to a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 11 (Sept 10 in America).

Although Apple has remained tight-lipped on what we can expect to see unveiled, we’re fairly confident the event will see three new iPhone models announced.

With the eyes of the mobile world now fixated on California to see what Apple has cooked up, we’ve rounded up everything we know ahead of next week’s big announcement.

Rendered iPhone 11 Photo
Rendered Image Courtesy of MobiTurner

at a glance: iPhone 11 key features

  • Three iPhone 11 models: Apple will introduce three new models in 2019. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, alongside a less expensive sequel to the iPhone XR, heralded as the iPhone 11
  • Triple Camera Power: Arguably the main feature of this year’s iPhone Pro range will be a new camera system that features three cameras on the back of the device. The new third lens is set to allow users to capture a much wider field of view
  • Reverse wireless charging: Following in the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone 11 should allow you to charge Air Pods (and other iPhones) by laying devices on the back of the iPhones
  • USB-C: Although not 100% confirmed, Apple recently replaced its Lightning connector with USB-C on the latest iPad Pros and Macbooks, leading some insiders to predict a potential shift to USB-C on these new set of iPhones
  • Apple Pencil: There have been multiple rumours floating around over the past few weeks that suggest the iPhone 11 Pro will offer Apple Pencil support
  • Buff Exterior: The phones will not look too dissimilar to last years range, however this year's models should hold up better if and when they’re dropped due to new shatter-resistance technology
  • No 5G: 5G enthusiasts will need to wait until 2020, as none of this year’s models will include 5G capability
  • iOS 13: Back in June, Apple announced their next-gen operating system in the form of iOS 13 and features such as Dark Mode and Siri improvements will be at the forefront of this year's system-wide upgrade
  • A13 Processor: All three of the new models will feature upgraded A13 processors from Apple’s chip provider TSMC, which should result in overall improvements to performance and speeds
  • Pre-Orders: The new iPhones are expected to become available for pre-order from 14 September, before landing on shelves a week later on 21 September

three’s a charm

As reported throughout the year, Apple will launch a trio of new iPhones in 2019, mirroring its 2018 lineup.

The iPhone 11 Pro (replacing the iPhone XS), The iPhone 11 Pro Max (replacing the iPhone XS Max) and iPhone 11 (replacing the iPhone XR).

looks kill

This year's iPhone lineup will look very similar in terms of the overall look and feel. Screen sizes are expected to remain the same, with more profound physical changes set to arrive in 2020.

The back of the phone is where most of the changes can be seen, with all three devices rumoured to have a large square stovetop looking bump on the back to host the new camera setup

iPhone 11 Camera Render (Triple Lens)

triple cameras

The biggest change to this year's iPhone will come in the form of the camera with the introduction of a triple rear camera.

Apple’s new triple-lens camera setup should bring improved 3D sensing for augmented reality, 3x optical zoom capabilities, larger field of view, a wider range of zoom, and better performance in low light.

You could argue Apple has fallen off the pace in the smartphone camera title race, with Google, Samsung and Huawei all making significant strides over the past three years, so it will very interesting to see how this new system performs.

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no bueno to 5G

Despite rivals launching 5G capable handsets in 2019, Apple is holding firm and will not release a 5G ready iPhone until their 2020 lineup.

release details and price

Following the tradition of past releases, after the iPhone is announced on September 11, a report from MacRumors suggests pre-orders should become available three days after it’s launch on 14 September, arriving on shelves a week later on 21 September.

When it comes to the dollars you’ll need to drop to cop. We’ll need to wait until the event takes place, however if prices reflect last years lineup, pricing will likely start around $1800 (AUD) and $1950 (AUD) for the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, and from $1450 (AUD) for the XR successor. If you need an affordable mobile plan for your new device, amaysim has you covered.