For an experience that’s supposed to be incredibly fast, Australians can’t help but notice that the nbn™ has been full of speed bumps. But things might be starting to take a turn for the better.

Would you believe that only 17% of Australians can confidently name all the nbn speeds? Or that just 30% have a clear understanding of which nbn internet speed is right for their needs?*

Confusion, backlash and total frustration have plagued the national rollout of the nbn. While it was supposed to be the best thing to happen to Australia since sliced bread, the nbn has left a lot to be desired – in fact, due to the national state of confusion, Australians are accessing nbn download speeds that aren’t even faster than ADSL speeds.

So from today you’ll start to see providers change how they refer to the nbn speeds – making it simpler for Australians everywhere to pick the right nbn speed for their needs.

Get down with the (new) nbn lingo

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), only 3 million of the 6.2 million nbn-ready homes have moved to an nbn plan. And of those who have switched, only 16% are signing up to the faster nbn speeds.

There’s no doubt that confusion and misunderstanding are influencing our purchasing decisions. To take the hassle out of picking the right nbn internet speed for your home, we’re updating how we refer to the nbn speeds we offer at amaysim. Check them out below.

Basic Speed

The Basic Speed is ideal for smaller households (1-2 people) with simple internet needs like web browsing, email, social media and non-HD video streaming.

Standard Speed

Our standard nbn speed is great for medium households (2-4 people) who use the internet for online gaming, streaming HD videos on apps like Netflix and non-HD video calling (for example, on Skype). It’s also a good option if you’ve got multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time.

Premium Speed

Our fastest nbn internet speed available and the ultimate gateway to the worldwide web. The Premium Speed lets you do all kinds of amazing things online, such as ultra HD (4K) video streaming, super responsive online gaming and HD video calling. It’s also a great option for larger households (4+ people) with plenty of devices connected to the internet at once.

Check out our hassle-free broadband plans

amaysim's here to take the hassle out of the nbn

While we won’t be the only nbn broadband provider changing how we refer to the nbn speeds, we’ve been committed to offering amazingly simple plans with transparent pricing and speed information from day dot.

With unlimited data, no lock-in contracts, standard activation or plan change fees, our nbn plans bring a dose of much-needed simplicity to the nbn broadband market, giving customers just what they need.

But there’s still a long way to go to get every Aussie everywhere up to speed on what the nbn means for their connected lives. We welcome any recommendation or move by the industry at large to find more ways to cut through the confusion and empower customers to understand their new broadband options.

Have you got any more questions about the nbn?

We really are committed to giving Australians the tools and information they need to stay in control of their nbn needs – that’s why we’ve pulled together absolutely everything you need to know about nbn broadband. Knowledge really is power, so let’s bring you up to speed.

*The research was conducted by Pureprofile in April 2017 on behalf of amaysim, surveying a nationally representative sample of 1,007 respondents in Australia aged 18 and over.


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