Big cities seem to get all the good stuff, from infrastructure and new technologies to critically acclaimed musicals. But as the nbn™ continues to roll out over the next few years, it doesn’t look like regional Australia will be left out this time.

Committed to providing fast broadband to every home and business in Australia, the nbn is giving (almost) all Australians access to a faster and further-reaching network.

bridging the digital divide

The more our lives and businesses go online, the more important it’s becoming to be connected to the internet. Regional Australia has struggled to keep up with drastically evolving major cities who thrive on steady internet. It’s been a struggle because some rural areas are really hard to reach in technological terms – and physical terms. They don’t call it the Outback for nothing!

These differences in internet connectivity have divided Australia in a digital sense. But as regional Australia gains access to a wider internet connection from the nbn, the distance becomes obsolete. This bridging has a bunch of benefits for remote communities, which include:

  • eHealth – Better access to medical and wellbeing advice. Regional Australians can also learn about healthcare and injury prevention.
  • Business – The advantages of having businesses online are boundless, whether you need to discover what’s out there or want to advertise your homemade cookies.
  • Education – It’s pretty much taken for granted that children have access to the internet for their homework, uni students can view online readings, and workers are available at home via email.
  • Communication – With synchronous communication available, loved ones aren’t thousands of kilometres away. You can reach them in just a few seconds.

The nbn network is still expanding today. It includes fixed line connections, fixed wireless connections, and the Sky Muster satellite, which are all explained below.

fixed line connection

This type of connection will physically link you to the network with fibre optic cables. It offers the best speeds and the highest levels of reliability.

The fibre optic line will either run directly to your premises, close to it, or to a nearby network node. Fixed line connections will be more prevalent in cities and large suburbs.

fixed wireless connection

Instead of having cables reaching your home directly, a fixed wireless connection sends a radio signal to you from a local tower. With a vast reach, like the Eye of Sauron, it can span 14kms. Just don’t go showing it any golden rings.

These wireless towers will feature more heavily in regional areas where neighbours aren’t close together. All that’s needed is an outdoor antenna and a connection box, which are free to install.

Sky Muster™ satellite

The rains come and go in regional Australia, but the nbn satellite services drench the lands with constant data. Sky Muster is rolling out as part of the nbn and will work to deliver broadband connectivity to hard-to-reach areas in regional and remote Australia.

Unlike Skynet, Sky Muster won’t bring killer robots and the apocalypse to your door. Instead, it’ll bring you better internet connectivity. It currently has two satellites in orbit with 101 spot beams each, sending data down to specific geographic locations.

Sky Muster is also set to expand its capabilities in the future. All you’ll need is to install a satellite dish and an appropriate modem, and have the right broadband plan for what you’re after.

internet speeds

There are a few speeds to match your needs. However, the ones available are impacted by the types of nbn technology used. You can find out what type of nbn will be used in your area by checking your address here.

Here are the internet speeds we offer here at amaysim,:

  • Basic – ideal for a small household of web browsers
  • Standard Plus – the perfect decent for a regular sized household of movie streamers and gamers.
  • Premium – the ultimate speed for big households, serious online gamers and ultra HD video streamers

The digital gap between major cities and the scattered communities of regional Australia is closing. If you’re interested in what the nbn can offer you, we can help you find a plan perfect for your home. Check out our amazingly simple nbn plans to see what deals are on offer.


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