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Mobile mindfulness – the best mental health apps

Mobile mindfulness – the best mental health apps

21 Dec 2017
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

Technology’s role in keeping us up to date and connected is often blamed for having a negative effect on our mental health.

So it’s worth taking a moment (or two) to slow down. A moment to take a deep breath, and to perhaps let these fantastic (and free) apps take some weight off your shoulders.


Headspace is the perfect introduction into mindfulness. The handy sessions are designed to be completed in 10-minute sessions, quite aptly called ‘Take 10’. You can also track your progress with a buddy, and be rewarded for consistent use. Who doesn’t like rewards?


Calm’s focus is just that – developing the sort of calmness you could expect from napping on a cloud with a good drink and book. It includes similar styles of meditation, but narrows in on the moments before and after you go to bed. A variety of sleep stories, calm music, unguided meditations and breathing exercises are just the ticket to feeling calm and relaxed.

smiling mind

This locally produced app is the perfect app for meditation. Smiling Mind offers a wide range of meditation experiences across different ages, demographics and lengths of duration. Included in the program are progressions in meditation courses to master mindfulness. Smiling Mind is completely non-profit and Australian made.

insight timer

Looking to chill your own way? Insight Timer is a collection of over 4,500 guided meditations with 750 music tracks. This app is perfect if you aren’t after a structured session, rather just some time to relax your way. Think of it more as a mindfulness buffet, not the degustation arrangement some apps prefer.


The issue with some apps (like any exercise or well-being practices) is you might start committed, but give up quickly. Thankfully, Aura is the exact opposite to your unused gym membership. The personalised 3-minute sessions to start each day are around the simplest on the market.

For those after more intense sessions, there is that option on the cards, but the beauty of Aura is in the no-repeat daily sessions. Designed to combat stress, anxiety and depression in particular, Aura might just be one of the best ways to bring mindfulness into your daily routine.

stop, breathe & think

Mindfulness sounds brilliant, but what is it?

We’re glad you asked, because Stop, Breathe & Think has the answers. For those who are curious about their state of mind and mindfulness, this app exposes you to the facts of the world before beginning your sessions. After all, you don’t sit your driving test before you’ve learned the theory.


Looking for the happiest app with the happiest design to make you feel happy every happy day? Happify is a collection of all things (you guessed it) happy – a variety of games and challenges to ease any tension or stress. For anyone that likes their mindfulness with a spoonful of sugar, there couldn’t be a better option.


Hear us out. The main reason people believe new technology is contributing to negative mental health is because we become disconnected from the world around us –we stop communicating like people.

Picking up your phone (as in, actually using it as a phone) can be the easiest solution. Whether it’s a friend, parent, family member or whoever will pick up, making some one-on-one calls might be the right call for you.

While the app is free, sadly calling isn’t. But amaysim’s $10 plan is a brilliant way of getting there. Get your mindfulness journey started by looking through our mobile plans.