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iPhone 11

iPhone 11 (2019): everything we know so far

05 Mar 2019


amaysim's tech geek

Apple’s trio of devices in 2018; iPhone XS, XS Max and XR garnered plenty of hype at the back end of last year, but ultimately fell short of the mark with consumers, not to mention the company’s own expectations.

With such an uncharacteristic underwhelming performance, the pressure is now on Apple to ensure this year’s iPhone lineup is received much more favourably from the market.

Talk of the next iPhone 11 (or an iPhone XI, depending on how you want to phrase it) have been floating around since before the XS was even released and the rumours aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

With this in mind, here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 11 so far.

iPhone 11
(Image Courtest of Gamesky)

Rumoured key features

  • Three models/sizes
  • OLED and LCD displays
  • Triple-lens rear camera
  • Apple Pencil support

iPhone 11 design

There have been a number of fan-made renders that have been floating around the web for the past few months, some that simply depict a list of traits users want to see, while others are based on tidbits of information that have surfaced and are widely expected to grace the final hardware.

Chinese site Gamersky picked up one of the more logical interpretations of what an iPhone 11 could look like, with a handset whose aesthetics have clearly been influenced by the most recent iPad Pro range that ditches a curved approach, reverting back to a more classical squared look.

That doesn’t sound like too much of a departure from prior models, but here’s where things get a little more interesting: it’s now being widely reported that the iPhone 11 will feature a triple-camera setup housed in a “notch” unit, transforming the look of the entire phone.

Check out what this might look like in Digit’s video below.

iPhone 11 Camera
(Image Courtesy of Ben Geskin)

iPhone 11 Camera

It goes without saying that a triple-lens iPhone like the one shown above would bring significant advancements to the iPhone’s camera capabilities, so you can expect your instagram pictures to be crispier than ever #winning.

While nobody disputes the current iPhone’s excellent image capturing ability, Apple has changed how its phones handle image processing and such tweaks haven’t been to everyone’s tastes.

We don’t yet know whether Apple will revert back to a more natural approach with the camera on the iPhone 11 but there are plenty of rumours suggesting that, photographically speaking, it’s going to pack a pretty hefty punch.

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While other smartphone makers are set to offer 5G phones this year, including Samsung, LG and Huawei, it appears Apple is sitting out the first wave and will not offer a 5G device until 2020.

iPhone Pencil

Apple Pencil

According to the Korea Herald, Apple is considering adding Apple Pencil support to its 2019 iPhone lineup.

The report also details that Apple may consider opting opt for a supercapacitor stylus, which is cheaper to manufacture than the electromagnetic-resonance technology Samsung uses for the S Pen, however Apple's technology should make it feel more like an actual pencil.

Battery power

We haven't heard too much about how Apple plans to improve battery life in this year's range of iPhones.

But one possible change which would be welcomed; states the new iPhones will offer bi-directional wireless charging that lets the phone charge other devices, a feature that Samsung recently introduced with it’s Galaxy S10 range.