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Apps of 2018

Five apps that are set to take 2018 by storm

10 Jan 2018


amaysim's tech geek

With literally millions of apps available to iPhone and Android users, we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which apps are worthy of investing our time in. If you're guilty of falling down a rabbit hole every time you visit the app store, we're here to help you out and have complied a list of the apps taking 2018 by storm.

1. Bumble

Oh, you haven’t heard? Tinder is so passé. 2018 has been all about Bumble.

Nicknamed “feminist tinder”, Bumble is one of the first ever female-driven dating apps to achieve mainstream success. In heterosexual matches, females have 24 hours to start talking to their male counterpart. If they fail to strike up a conversation within that 24-hour window, the match expires.

Just like Tinder, Bumble relies on location-based data. It’s been around since 2014, but with user uptake increasing steadily, 2017 was the year Bumble really started to make a splash in Australia.

The app was actually created by one of Tinder’s co-founders, Whitney Wolfe. She left the company after accusing one of her fellow co-founders of sexual discrimination and harassment. Bumble is now estimated to be worth 1 billion dollars, with around 19 million users worldwide. Yaas girl!

Bumble recently partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to make it easier to remove users who display hate symbols in their profiles.

Bumble is available on both the app store and the Google Play store.

2. ExpressVPN

Public Wi-Fi creates ideal conditions for hackers looking to steal your personal details. Since they don’t require any authentication to establish a connection, public networks simply can’t be trusted. ExpressVPN is designed to minimise the risk of using the interwebs on sketchy public Wi-Fi, so you can save your precious data and safeguard yourself against high-tech thieves.

The app works by giving you access to a VPN on all your mobile devices. In addition to making your device more secure, it can also help unlock parts of the internet (such as geo-blocked videos). ExpressVPN has over 100 server locations all over the world, including Australia. Once you’ve got an account, you can safely connect to public Wi-Fi networks via your nearest server.

ExpressVPN is available on both Android and iOS devices.

3. Filtru

Whether you’re into long blacks or fancy caffeinated concoctions, Filtru can help you brew the perfect cup of coffee. This app is the ultimate coffee timer tool, offering expert tips on everything from pouring intervals to stirring techniques. It may sound relatively simple, but the devil is in the detail.

Coffee lovers will appreciate Filtru’s meticulous step-by-step instructions and the digital scales that allow for an ultra-precise brewing process. The makers of this app obviously know there’s a lot more to making good coffee than grinding a few beans and heating up some milk – getting Filtru will make you feel as though you have an expert barista on hand to give you advice whenever you need a hit of caffeine.

Filtru is available for download through the App Store.

4. Auxy

Auxy works like a pocket-sized music studio. Perfect for DJs and aspiring music producers, it offers a more cost-effective (and portable) alternative to investing in expensive mixing equipment.

Using simple music sequencing software, Auxy allows users to separate songs into small chunks, add effects, and layer multiple tracks over the top of each other. It’s easy to use and extremely intuitive, giving you the freedom to create professional-sounding music out of nothing.

You don’t need to be an expert on music composition to understand Auxy’s simple interface. You can switch between musical instruments and experiment with different sounds, making it easy to learn as you go.

Download the latest version of Auxy to start mixing some sick beats.

5. FaceApp

If you’ve noticed a lot of weird selfies cropping up in your newsfeed recently, chances are many of them originated with FaceApp. After launching early in 2017, it quickly became one of the most downloaded apps of the year.

By applying filters designed to alter age, gender and facial features, FaceApp creates weirdly realistic versions of a user’s photo.

Having been download by millions of people all over the world, FaceApp’s sudden popularity proves that it’s often the simple things in life that offer the most amusement.

If you want to know what your face will look like in 30 years, you can get FaceApp on both Android and iOS devices.

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