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How the NBN will change Australia

The interwebs are a-changin’ – how the nbn will change Australia

09 Jan 2018


amaysim's broadband director

Ah, the nbn™. For so long it’s seemed like a cloud on the horizon that never gets closer. But for most Australians, if the storm hasn’t hit yet, it’s about to.

Unlike your average summer storm, which seems to send things flying at incredible speeds, deliver unbelievable power and create an all-round sense of awe… well, actually it is kind of like a storm.

The big difference is: it’s a good thing.

The National Broadband Network’s about to turbocharge the way we work and the way we live, and bring some much-needed support to some of the industries that need it most – read on to find out how the nbn will benefit you.


Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children? Thankfully, our fibre-optic friends are. Our children are set to have access like never before to the world’s information, enhancing what they can learn in schools.

But the beauty of the nbn is what happens to education outside of the classic classroom. For regional communities, they can finally engage in the sense of community that, until now, has only existed in metropolitan communities.

We sometimes take for granted that schools can compete in sport, work together in knowledge and showcase each other’s work in the arts. But head out anywhere remote, to a community where the whole school sits in one classroom, and suddenly you understand why we need the nbn. These kids can finally be a part of the bigger picture.


It’s no surprise, but the nbn stands to help out healthcare in the exact same way. Imagine you’ve got a really bad cold, so bad that you can’t really get out of bed to get help. Just think how great it would be if you could video-link with your doctor and get the treatment you need from home.

Righto, let’s shake things up a little. You still have the same cold, you’re still feeling just as terrible. But you’re on your own, no housemates or family with you. Oh, and the GP isn’t around the corner, they’re 200km away. How badly do you wish you had that video-link now?

We’re about to bring our most remote citizens up to speed with the rest of the nation, and if all goes well, possibly save lives too.

higher wages

Wait, what?

One of the biggest expenses for any business, metro or regional, is the office where everyone works. Commercial leasing is expensive, and the costs of owning your property aren’t much kinder. And for IT-based roles, all you need is a good computer and internet connection to do your job. Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to work from home, and just meet when necessary?

That’s where things are easier for businesses. But for you, the employee, businesses can afford to pay you more for your job. The only catch is, you have to work from home. Tough deal, but probably worth taking. You know, if you have to…

more job opportunities

When you do a search for a job online, do you filter by location?

Forget that! If Australia can be completely connected, and businesses opt to let employees work from home rather than pay for expensive workplaces, that means you could really live anywhere.

For anyone in metro areas where every industry imaginable is within a simple public transport ride, it’s hardly a huge advantage. But for anyone looking to work in accounting, but the nearest agency is hundreds of kilometres away, they suddenly have a chance. They can get all the same work done from a home office. In fact, we’re going to need a new search option on ‘location’ when looking up jobs, so you can filter by nbn-friendly positions.