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smart homes have arrived

The Five Coolest Home Tech Products in 2017

21 Mar 2017


amaysim's tech geek

With more and more home products and devices becoming “smart”, it won’t be long until we’ll be running our households straight from the palm of our hands.

We can’t ignore the loud buzzing coming from the Internet of Things – a term used to describe how improving technology for internet-connected devices will soon make almost every item we come into contact with “smart”.

There are now more internet-connected devices available to choose from than we could’ve ever dreamt of, all there to help us complete tasks we didn’t even know we needed help with.

We’ve trawled through the internet to find today’s best home technology bound to blow your mind!

1. Check out the Perfect Bake PRO for fully-controlled precision baking

Toss away your measuring cups because your new baking hero has landed!

With the Perfect Bake PRO you’ll be whipping up cookies, cannolis and cakes that would have even Adriano Zumbo licking his lips. Simply connect your mobile to the smart scale and you’ll cook the perfect baked goods every time. You can even use the app to select how many servings you need along with your pan size and oven settings to get everything just right. A mix, bake and cool timer are also included to help you make sure everything stays on track.

Whether you’re brand new to the world of flour and eggs or have been making custom creations for ages, the Perfect Bake PRO is our kitchen gadget winner.

2. Meet Beddit, the smart device that tracks your sleep

Beddit is the Tesla of the sleeping world, and with a $225 price tag this is no snooze fest.

Beddit is a thin device that sits between your bed sheets, paired with an app that records and sorts your data. Each day your results are displayed on easy-to-read graphics, so you can check out your heart rate, breathing, snoring and sleep quality at a glimpse. Just connect your device to the Beddit app and say good morning to better sleep.

3. Easy biking GPS navigation with Beeline

Struggling to navigate your way through the city is a thing of the past with Beeline, a stress-free GPS for your bike. Connect the Beeline to your smart phone, enter your destination and strap the Beeline to your ride. The screen then uses large arrows to point you to your destination – no maps, headphones, or pit stops required!

With 30-hours of ride time and GPS that works anywhere on the planet, this tech device is a no-brainer for bike bums.

4. Clean your house without lifting a finger, thanks to Botvac Connected

They say a clean house is a happy house, and not cleaning means a happier you! Win the fight against dust and dirt in the digital age with Botvac Connected, a Wi-Fi robot vacuum.

From anywhere in the world you can set the robot on a cleaning mission with the simple touch of a button. The Botvac can clean around your schedule, targeting the dirt just before your housemate comes home or your ‘rents pop by. The Botvac even knows when its battery’s running low and will nip back to its charging station to power back up.

5. Light your way with smart lightbulbs from Phillips Hue

The Philips Hue Smart Lightbulb Starter Kit is the home tech you never imagined you needed – sync your Hue bulbs with the corresponding app and you’ll be able to personalise every lighting arrangement in your house with the tap of a button.

From across the world or in the next room, the app enables you switch the lights on or off, change colours and set timers. Do you prefer to turn the lights down low to enjoy the sunset? Or to get the party started with some neon lights? The choice is entirely yours.

These genius bulbs are also environmentally friendly, using 80% less energy than standard bulbs – talk about a bright idea!

Got your eyes on any of this awesome tech? Keen to test any of it out?

Whatever you go with, remember that this mind-blowing home tech can get hungry for data, so don’t forget to give it a feed by grabbing one of our SIM only mobile or data plans with a big data allowance.