After becoming nbn-ready, choosing a suitable nbn provider can be a daunting task. Not only is the concept of the nbn new to alot of Aussies, there are a number of other factors to consider when making the switch.

What's the best plan for your home? Are plans with lock-in contracts bad? And what's all this chat about ‘speed tiers’? When it comes to the argument of plans with contracts vs those without - if you're looking for flexibility, then a no-contract plan will definitely be your best bet.

For a contract free nbn plan that ticks all the boxes, amaysim has you covered. Not only will you have freedom to leave when you please, but you can switch between speed tiers with no extra fees. The cherry on top is that all amaysim nbn plans include unlimited data, with free standard activation - simple!

If you're having trouble weighing up your options, here are five key benefits of choosing a non-contract nbn plan with amaysim

  1. No setup fees. Many contract free nbn plans come with a slight catch in that they include activation/setup fees - at amaysim you won't be stung a setup fee, with all our nbn plans including free standard activation

  2. BYO modem. While you can choose to purchase a pre-configured NetComm modem when signing up, we also give you the option of bringing your own nbn-ready modem, this way you can avoid having to fork out for a new modem

  3. Switch between plans with ease. Choosing the right nbn speed tier can sometimes involve a bit of guesswork and you may find yourself wanting to move to a different speed tier once you've gotten a feel for your usage needs - at amaysim you can change your plan at any point with no extra fees

    Moving Home
  4. Changing address or moving house is easy. Moving house can be a pretty manic task, however with no relocation fees, the process to bring your amaysim service to your new address is hassle free and you'll simply need to contact us to arrange for your new address to be connected

  5. Avoid cancellation fees. Our customers stay because they want to, not because they have to. If you find your circumstances change along the way, you’re free to cancel your nbn plan at any point with no cancellation fees involved


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