While almost every industry has been affected by the changing nature of the internet in one way or another, there are some that have been completely revolutionised by it. From gaming and entertainment to the health sector and the ability to work remotely, this is our round-up of the industries that are benefiting from the nbn the most.


All gamers know that you need a good internet connection to get the most out of your gaming experience. And thanks to the nbn’s lightning fast speeds you can now say goodbye to lagging and slow updates. Faster speeds mean better accuracy and better results. So no more blaming your poor performance on a laggy connection.

Gamers can play for hours without worrying about reaching their data allowance thanks to the nbn. Even more so, you can now invite your whole crew around for game night and enjoy seamless playing. And for those times when you can’t all be together, enjoy crystal clear voice chat.

The nbn also makes downloading the latest games quick and easy. With downloading sizes getting bigger and bigger, you need a good connection.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a lot cheaper to download games than buy them in store. So there’s no need to queue up outside stores for hours, you can now download everything from the comfort of your home.

working remotely

For those connected to the nbn, studying and working from home has gotten a whole lot easier. Workers can now enjoy faster access to online tools and the ability to upload and download large attachments without maxing out their data allowance.

Communicating and collaborating with peers and partners has also become incredibly easy. As you're now able to discuss important business projects and plans over high-quality video calls, meaning there's no need to head into the office or spend money on expensive business trips.


The nbn is providing more affordable and convenient healthcare for Australians all over the country. With this then in-hand, taking pressure off the country’s overcrowded metropolitan health services. These benefits are especially notable for rural Australians who need to travel long distances in order to receive medical treatment.

Fast, reliable internet also allows doctors to video-call their patients, giving them the ability to self-manage at home. This is incredibly beneficial for the country’s ever-growing elderly population for whom transport can be a challenge. Access to high quality video-conferencing is also giving doctors the ability to consult their peers around the world with ease. While providing real-time transfer and management of clinical information and diagnostics.


Streaming shows online has become a national pastime. Between Netflix, Stan, Foxtel and free-tv catch-up we are spoilt for choice. But all this streaming is draining our home data allowances. This is a thing of the past thanks, with many nbn plans including unlimited data.

It’s also making it easier for people to connect with their families abroad. For anyone who has a family or loved one overseas, you'll understand the extreme annoyance when your video-chat is poor quality or cuts out completely. With the nbn, you can video call to your hearts content with crystal clear images and sound.

To make sure you stay up to date with these revolutionary advances, we've made the process of connecting to nbn as straightforward as possible.

Once you’ve checked your address is ready to connect, simply pick your speed and you’ll be able to complete the signup process online (no paperwork, no hassles).

If your household is ready to connect, the next step is finding the perfect plan and with amaysim nbn-plans including unlimited data, with no lock-in contracts or standard activation fees - it really is a simple choice!


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