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Getting to grips with your amaysim bill

02 Jun 2015
Simon - amaysim blogger


amaysim's customer guy

Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” clearly never got hit with a case of bill shock.

The best way to stay in control of your amaysim service is to get to know your usage habits and understand your monthly bill. Pull out your most recent bill so we can go through this together.

Only Postpaid customers get bills

It’s easy to tell the difference between Prepaid and Postpaid – Prepaid customers pay for their amaysim service before they use it, and Postpaid pay afterwards.

We’ll send Prepaid customers an invoice every time your plan renews or you purchase a new product. You’ll need additional credit to pay for anything that isn’t included in your monthly plan. In that sense, you’re more in control of how much you spend when you’re Prepaid.

Only Postpaid customers will receive a monthly bill, and it’ll cover all the charges that you’ve racked up in the past month – regardless of whether they’re included in your monthly plan or not.

A glossary for your bill

You’ll see at the top of your bill a number of different (but similar) terms. It’s important that you understand them so you know what exactly you’re paying for:

  • Bill period: all charges from this period will appear on your current bill.

  • Bill issue date: this is when you should have received your monthly bill.

  • Last month’s amount: the amount you paid for your previous bill.

  • This bill’s amount: all the charges you’ve racked up in this billing period.

  • Total due: the total payment due, with the payment date in the orange box next to it.

It’s not unusual for ‘This bill’s amount’ and the ‘Total due’ to show different amounts. If the Total due is a larger amount, then that means there could be some unpaid charges from your previous bill. If it’s smaller, then you might have had some extra credit from a promotion or even Refer a Friend in your account that’s gone towards this month’s payment.

Included and excluded value

Further down, you’ll see all the separate charges on your account from the most recent billing period. If you’ve got more than one service on your account (for example, you might be on UNLIMITED 65GB but also grabbed a 1GB Data Pack to last you the month), they’ll appear on the same bill.

We then separate each service by Included Value and Excluded Value.

Included Value

This refers to all the services that are included in your amaysim mobile plan or data pack. On your bill, we’ll break down how much of your plan’s inclusions you chipped away at last month.

Excluded Value

No surprises here – these are the services that aren’t included in your mobile or data plan. So if you’re on UNLIMITED 65GB and go over your data limit, or you make some international calls, the charges for these additional services will appear in your next bill on top of the plan’s $40 price. It’s really easy to rack up additional charges when you’re Postpaid, so we recommend that you keep an eye on your mobile usage throughout the month so you don’t blow your budget. You can do this a number of ways:

  • Track your usage in My amaysim or with our free amaysim app for Apple and Android;
  • Pay attention to our data usage alerts – we’ll let you know when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% of you plan or Data Pack’s data inclusions via email and text message (it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for these messages to send);
  • Text ‘BAL’ to 568 to see how much of your plan’s inclusions you’ve got left.

You should also know exactly what is and isn’t included in your plan so you don’t find any nasty surprises on your next bill. Check out the Plans and Pricing section of Help and Support for a detailed breakdown of each amaysim plan and its inclusions.

That’s basically all there is to reading your monthly bill. Have any more questions about your bill? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try my best to help you out.


Simon - amaysim's billing guy