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We've launched our very own electricity, gas and solar plans!

We've launched our very own electricity, gas and solar plans!

17 Oct 2017
Chris - amaysim blogger


amaysim's Energy guru

It wasn’t too long ago that amaysim burst onto the Australian telco scene promising to make owning a mobile phone simple and affordable. Now, we’re bringing our winning mix of no lock-in contracts, no hassles and amazing value to energy.

More than ever Australians are looking to cut down on their household expenses, and it’s not hard to imagine energy’s at the top of that list. With so much scrutiny on the energy industry at the moment, Australians everywhere need transparent pricing, convenience and great value plans from their retailer.

Here at amaysim, we think it should be simple for every Aussie household to find the right energy provider for them.

That’s why we reckon it’s the perfect time to burst onto the energy scene and introduce to Aussie households everywhere our amazingly simple electricity, gas and solar plans.

You’ve probably bought the sausage with other providers – we’re here to bring the sizzle. Welcome to the world of amazingly simple energy.

What you can count on amaysim for

We’ve brought our award-winning mix of no lock-in contracts, incredible value and no hassles to the energy space. Trust us - this is going to be amazing.

No confusing discounts

With amaysim, customers don’t have to worry about trying to work out confusing discount periods. We simply let our great-value rates do the talking

Convenience of monthly billing

We bill monthly so you can can stay in control of your budget – that way, you won’t get hit with a massive bill after a sweltering summer or chilly winter.

No lock-in contracts or other hidden nasties

Like everything else with amaysim, what you see is what you get. And because we don’t lock our customers in we work extra hard to earn you happiness everyday – that way, you stay because you want to (not because you have to).

Gone solar?

Put the sun to work and get your hands on some of Australia's best solar feed-in tariffs.

Not sure how solar works? Get the a-z of solar energy here.

Why energy?

Sure, we’re not just a telco anymore but we’re more committed than ever to empowering Aussies everywhere by untackling life’s unnecessary complexities.

We started over eight years ago with our hassle-free SIM-only mobile plans, and now we see energy as the perfect opportunity to bring the same amazingly simple, customer centric approach to an industry that desperately needs it.

With our transparent pricing, simple-to-understand plans and customer-first approach, we know the energy industry’s ready for a real shake-up. Take a closer look at our electricity, gas and solar rates to see how much you could save with amaysim.

You can even get free a quote for your home in less than a minute.