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AS YOU GO and international calls now even better value

02 May 2011
Rolf - amaysim blogger


amaysim's founder

Today we’ve announced a price cut for AS YOU GO phone calls, as well as a drop in the per-minute price of phone calls to 30 popular international calling destinations.

AS YOU GO price cut by 20%

Effective immediately, a standard national voice call on AS YOU GO will cost 15 cents per minute – a 20 per cent drop from the previous price of 15 cents per minute and now the same price as a standard national SMS or per-minute national voicemail charge (all charged at 15 cents – see our AS YOU GO price table for full prices). As always, there’s no flagfall.

Why are we doing this? Basically, since our launch back in November 2010 we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of Aussies switch to us to take advantage of our low rates, fair plans and local customer service. Because of our popularity, and the fact that people really do respond to a great deal, we’re in a position to recut the cloth on our AS YOU GO price and pass on some of our success to customers.

We’ve also seen from recent research that it’s still the old-fashioned phone call (not data) that causes bill shock for more than half of Aussie mobile users. It made sense now more than ever to push even further to drive mobile costs down for casual users.

What’s excellent about this news is that the price cut applies to current customers as well as new recruits to amaysim, so no one is left in the cold. This also applies to Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

amaysim international prices cut by up to 60%, starting at $0.06 per minute

Over the past few months we’ve had a lot of people (especially on Facebook) ask for an even more cost-effective way to call overseas. Until now some heavy callers to international numbers have kept a separate SIM card, but we know that can be a real pain in the bum. We’ve looked at our prices and negotiated some great rates. We can happily say we’re passing them on so you can stop playing hot potato with SIM cards.

From today, we’re cutting the per-minute price of voice calls to 30 international destinations – still with no flagfall. In some cases, the cost of a per-minute call to a fixed line will be six cents per minute (these countries are Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy,Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, UK and USA).

Some of the prices have dropped by 60 per cent – a great price cut in anyone’s language! Check out our full list of international prices.

As with our AS YOU GO price cut, these new prices apply to all current amaysim customers, as well as newcomers, because we do our best to take an even-handed approach. amaysim UNLIMITED and AS YOU GO customers (on Prepaid and Postpaid) will be able to take advantage of these new rates automatically and immediately.

Keeping things simple - no flagfall

Also, there’s no funny-money flagfall that will drive up the prices on AS YOU GO national calls or our international calls. A two minute call to a landline in China (for example) will cost 15 cents. It won’t cost three cents per minute plus 29 cents flagfall, which ends up at 35 cents. We don’t do cloak-and-dagger pricing – it just doesn’t make sense.

Thanks again for your continued support and enjoy our new lower prices!

Rolf - amaysim's founder.