With Your Credit Card or Direct Debit account

You can set up you credit card, debit card or PayPal account as your preferred payment method in My amaysim. To recharge with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account, choose one of the four easy options below.

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Using a voucher?

You can buy a voucher at over 12,000 retail shops, just choose your voucher amount ($10, $15, $19.90, $20, $30, $44.90, $50 & $100) and redeem your voucher using one of the four easy options below.

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Preferred method

Most of our amaysim people prefer to pay by credit card and set-up auto recharge on their Prepaid account.

It’s an easy and secure way to manage your account and makes your life a little easier. It’s a great way to stay in control and you won’t have to worry about your mobile spend. We encourage all of our customers to get the ‘My amaysim habit’ - check your usage online, anytime 24/7 to know where you stand with your spend. Easy.

Still unsure? Have a question?

See below for some of our frequently asked questions
You can also explore our other FAQs on our Help & Support section or check out our amaysim Guides for recharge and self-service.
How long does my credit last?

Your credit expiry depends on which amaysim plan you choose:

What is auto-recharge?
Auto-recharge lets us recharge your credit automatically with an agreed amount. If you have your credit card, debit card or PayPal account nominated with us, you can setup auto-recharge at My amaysim and stay in credit without the hassle. Your card will be automatically charged with your nominated recharge amount whenever your balance gets low.
What are the specific values that can be charged to my prepaid account?
You can buy one of the following vouchers from any of our retail outlets or using your credit or debit card, $10, $15, $19.90, $20, $30, $44.90, $50 & $100. If you pay via BPAY you can purchase a voucher of any amount from $15 to a maximum of $200.

Can I recharge my balance while I am overseas?
You can recharge while you’re overseas at any time using My amaysim.

I processed my voucher but the expiry of my credit did not change?
At times it does take about an hour for our systems to update the expiry date of your credit, please call 555 after an hour’s time to check the expiry date of your credit.