This support article will help you troubleshoot while roaming overseas.

If you're looking to find our International Roaming packs, you can find information on how to purchase them, here.

  1.  If you're having trouble connecting to a network overseas, we recommend to start by looking at our list. If you're not in one of them, then your roaming services won't work.
  2. Ensure your App settings have International Roaming enabled 
  3. Check that your device has Roaming enabled:
    a. To set up your device for roaming on iOS devices-Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Mobile' > Select applicable SIM > Data Roaming toggle on/off
    b. To set up your device for roaming on Android devices- Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Connections' >'Mobile Networks' > Turn Data Roaming toggle on/off.
  4. Turn your device on & off.
  5. If you're still unable to use the roaming services, try popping your SIM in another device and check if roaming is working for you.
  6. There mav be a few countries where it might take a while for network providers to validate newly arriving customers, so wait for some time and connect to the nearest Wi-Fi to use vour data and apps in the mean time.

  1. If you're having trouble connecting to our app, please look for the nearest Wi-Fi network.
  2. Once you've purchased an International Roaming Pack via the amaysim app activate International Roaming in the settings of the amaysim app and your device.
    • In the amaysim app, click on the settings cog in the top right hand corner > navigate to 'international roaming, toggle on/off.

To set up your device for roaming on iOS devices

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' >'Mobile'> Select applicable SIM >Data Roaming toggle on/off.

To set up your device for roaming on Android devices

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Connections' >'Mobile Networks' Data Roaming toggle on/off.
  2. Check that you have remaining Roaming inclusions. Log into your amaysim app:
    • if you are Roaming and have the time zone set to the country you are roaming in, you should see the remaining inclusions on the Roaming home screen.
    • If you are in Australia, swipe up and go to the International Roaming tile> Click View remaining inclusions.

If you're connected to the network overseas, and you've confirmed that you have an active Roaming Pack with enough inclusions to cover the type of service you are trying to access but having trouble making calls or accessing data, try the following.

Making Calls

  1. Check the number format
    • Make sure you're dialling the correct number format. Each country may have a different set of prefixes, please ensure you are dialling with the correct number format prefixed to the number you are dialling .
  2. Premium calls are barred.
    • Check that the number you are trying to call isn't a premium number. Calls & texts to premium numbers are not included in our Roaming Packs 
  3. Check that you have voice inclusions mins avallable:
    • Make sure that your International Roaming Pack has voice mins available.


Accessing Data

  1. Turn on data roaming
    • Check that your device has data roaming switched on.
  2. iMessage:
    • For iOS Users - Data needs to be turned ON to receive iMessage

We recommend to connect to Wi-Fi and contact us on Live Chat.