If you're looking to find our International Roaming packs, you can find information on how to purchase them, here.

You’ve got enough to keep track of when it comes to travelling overseas–let us help you manage your International Roaming so you don’t get caught out using more than you thought.

There are a few ways to stay on top of your roaming usage.

When you enable International Roaming in your amaysim app, you’ll be asked how you want to receive usage notifications for your roaming activity. You can get these by SMS, email or both-we recommend having both on so you don’t miss anything.

Note: Accessing your emails on a roaming enabled device uses your International Roaming Pack data, you can save your data by connecting to Wi-Fi networks when you can.

Keeping an eye on your International Roaming Pack usage is just a tap away, with the amaysim app showing your roaming usage on the home screen whenever you’re roaming. To check your roaming usage while in Australia, swipe up to view the International Roaming card, then click "view remaining inclusions". 


Note: Roaming usage in your app might not be completely up-to-date, depending on international roaming partners.