State of Origin: Everything you need to know

12 Jul 2016

In case you didn’t know, State Of Origin is like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman – it’s kind of a big deal.

Don’t give the game away and reveal yourself as a total novice before kickoff. State of Origin is Rugby League, not Rugby Union – you can call it league, football or footy but never just rugby.

It’s Rugby League

The good news is, you don’t have to be footy obsessed to get onboard with the State Of Origin. Whether you’ve just got a serious case of FOMO from staying at home while all your mates are watching the game at the pub or you’re ready to make the transition into complete footy fanatic – I’ve compiled a little State Of Origin starter guide so you’ll be ready for the next game.

There are only two teams (really)

It might sound strange but the whole series is just three matches that are played between New South Wales and Queensland. The team that hails from New South Wales is called the Blues and the team from Queensland is called the Maroons. It might seem like only a few games but there are three weeks between each match meaning Origin fever lasts a few months.

Who is the best team?

Well, that’s a loaded question and it depends on which fan you ask. If you just look at the stats Queensland has won more series’. But, don’t get all excited Queenslanders, NSW have had periods in the past where we’ve won back to back series’, and you better believe we’ll do it again.

What’s the big deal?

Well, I think it has something to do with the passion of the players. Each game’s brutal, like seriously brutal. The players really go for it and each other. There’s nothing quite like watching two very large men run at full speed towards each other, it’s kind of spectacular. Origin also happens to be the best series on the NRL calendar and it’s meant to be the highest standard of rugby league played in the world. That’s probably why it’s aired in 90 countries around the globe and watched by over four million people in Australia alone.

How to interact on social

You should start by following the NRL social accounts. The NRL Instagram and NRL Facebook are really interactive for fans, no matter which side you follow. They’ll let you know in real time about news, events, post photos and more.

Secondly, you have got to get on board with the game day hashtags. The NRL social team has done a great job of getting the NRL fan community to use these and interact with each other. Pick your team, learn your hashtag and get prepared for a Twitter war. It’s half the fun of game day. Some of the most used hashtags are #Origin #uptheblues and #maroons.

Lastly, just have fun with it. The NRL website lets you virtually create your own jersey to share on your social channels so you can show your colours with pride. Or you can put your team’s frame over your profile picture, so everyone will know which team you support. It’s really easy to get involved.

So now that you’ve got the low down on the State Of Origin, where will you be for the next game?

Simon – amaysim's Billing guy