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Marie Kondo

Spring has arrived, it's time to Marie Kondo your phone

01 Sep 2019
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be hard pressed to have missed the rise of Marie Kondo throughout 2019.

Sure she managed to sell a ridiculous 11 million books before 2K19 struck our shores, but it was her viral Netflix show that arrived in January which sparked a new level of fame for the Japanese tidying guru. We encourage everyone that hasn't binged the show yet to make sure your mobile and data plans are topped up and you’ve got several hours to kill.

Her method of cleaning; KonMari, uses a fairly simple criteria for tidying: whenever you question if an item’s worth keeping, ask yourself, does it spark joy? If the answer is yes, keep and organise. If not, then it’s time to donate, or toss the item out.

Marie’s approach to tidying, has primarily been applied to homes in need a bit of TLC, but can be applied to just about everything.

So what if your untidiness extends to your beloved smartphone? If you’re known for hoarding apps, have an email inbox that’s been neglected of love since forever, or have 50 of the exact same photo, this one's for you

Marie Kondo

start with a savage deleting spree

Start by deleting the numbers of people whose names do not ring a bell.

You know the ones that have a first name next to a one word description “John Teacher” (what exactly does he teach again?). While you’re at it, clear out any ancient WhatsApp chats and old SMS. I mean, not much good comes via SMS these days, apart from 2-step verifications and Uber Eats promo codes.

Next, move on to your email inbox, click MARK ALL AS READ and then delete.

On a more serious note, start creating folders to categorise the emails you tend to receive and get into the habit of unsubscribing whenever emails arrive from people you don't care about (ouch)!

farewell unused apps

Give a permanent sendoff to the apps you thought would change your life, but have not been opened since being downloaded.

Look, new hobbies are important, but not everyone’s cut out to learn how to code via their phone - as a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used an app in the last 90 days, chances are you don’t need it in your life.


To compliment your new found minimalist approach - make sure to utilise folders so your screen stays nice and pretty.

How you organise your folders is entirely up to you, however it's common practice to group apps by their purpose (think social media, finance, fitness, travel, work), frequency of use, or if you want to get super fancy, some people recommend colour coding.

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bye-bye 70% of your camera roll

Now the big one. Delete all photos in your camera roll that no longer spark joy!

Yep, goodbye to the blurry photo you snapped of an Ibis on your morning run, or the burst of 50 photos you took of your hand while you were drunk.

Then there’s the screenshots of memes you thought were funny two years ago; these can definitely go, because you know damn well they don’t make you smirk anymore.

Last but not least, say goodbye to the 42 photos you took at the beach, during the one time you made it out of the house last summer.

Ahhh this deleting stuff is fun right?


stop taking photos of crap

Yes, it’s true…smartphones have given us the power to snap content like never before, but at this point is it even worth it?

Before you jump at the chance to take a photo of a random puppy at the local supermarket…ask yourself, will I ever care enough to relook at this moment?

If your answer has the slightest bit of hesitation, then don’t bother getting your phone out.

Not only will this help keep your phone is a blissful state, but reducing the time you spend snapping unnecessary content, should help you live in the moment more, which is a major plus.