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Christmas Gift Guide 2019: The best gift ideas for tech lovers

09 Dec 2019

Does Christmas gift giving get any jollier than a pair of audio-enabled sunglasses?

From capturing beautiful drone footage, to vlogging each and every second of our travel adventures through 4K GoPro's, many of us now use a fairly high level of tech on a day-to-day basis.

Expanding your knowledge of commonly available tech products is a great way to keep up with the evolving landscape of the tech world, however choosing a gift for loved ones who are a bit more tech-savvy can be a difficult task.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy the tech-lover in your life this Christmas (or are simply looking to spoil yourself silly), we’ve rounded up some last-minute gift inspo.

Bose Audio Sunglasses

Yes the rumours are true. We live in a world where you can digest audio through your SUNGLASSES?

But let me reassure you, Bose’s Audio Sunglasses are not just a novelty tech item, they’re a genuinely impressive audio mechanism that delivers a quality listening experience.

Two small speakers sit within the sunglass frame, just in front of your ears, with music being filtered straight to your ears through a small speaker.

As expected, because your ears are not being covered, you can still hear the ambience of the outside world when you’re listening to audio which can be a huge advantage for cyclists and pedestrians in busy areas.

Although the sunglasses won’t necessarily replace your everyday earphones, they’re a great piece of innovation that provide an awesome alternative for those who don’t want to carry headphones and are the perfect companion for the sunny summer months.

Polaroid Lab Starter kit
Image Via Polaroid

Polaroid Lab Starter Kit

For anyone obsessed with the retro look and feel of Polaroid Film, Polaroid Originals have released the perfect gadget in time for Christmas.

The nifty looking device gives you the power to turn any digital image into physical Polaroids straight from your smartphone.

The Polaroids the device prints are true to form and almost indistinguishable from a Polaroid taken with an actual Polaroid device.

The device has been a huge hit since being released in October and is currently out of stock through the Polaroid website however can be purchased through Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Since releasing in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been selling like hotcakes and dominating the portable gaming world.

Two years into the Nintendo Switch being birthed, Nintendo has decided to mix things up, by providing a compact alternative in the form the Nintendo Switch Lite.

If you're someone who enjoys the flexibility of using the Switch through a TV, then the Switch Lite probably isn't for you, as docking is not an option here.

If you find yourself using the handheld mode more often than not, or feel the regular Switch is a bit too clunky for on-the-go gaming, then the Switch Lite is an awesome option for the gamers out there.


Apple AirPods Pro

All memes aside, Apple’s latest AirPod iteration (AirPods Pro) are a fantastic wireless headphone option.

Although on the pricier side ($399 AUD) the design improvements, overall audio quality and noise cancellation ability make them a strong contender for the best wireless buds in the market.

If you have loved ones who have been dying to jump on the AirPod bandwagon and you have a bit of extra cash to drop over the holiday period, trust us in saying they’ll appreciate you for this one.

amaysim unlimited mobile data offer

Yep, this one’s all about us, but hey the offer is too good not to talk about it and we think it makes the perfect gift!

This summer amaysim is saying goodbye to mobile data caps and celebrating the holiday period with a special unlimited mobile data offer.

Unlike other unlimited mobile data offers in the market, our new summer offer gives customers the freedom to flex their mobile muscles during one of the highest usage periods of the year, without the fear their speeds will be slowed down after exceeding their base data allowance.

The amaysim unlimited mobile data offer is available for $40 for each of your first three renewals (you must sign up before 31st January 2020).

After the three renewals are up, you’ll still get an epic 60GB for just $40/28 days.

Happy Streaming!

Sonos Portable Speaker
Image Via WinFuture

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is the first portable bluetooth Sonos speaker #Wooooo

That alone is something to get excited about as we all know how crisp Sonos sound quality is…not to mention the amazing app UI and seamless integration with your favourite music apps and home assistants.

Compared to the popular Sonos One speaker, the Move is slightly taller and more circular in shape. The speaker also feels heavier than most other portable speakers and if you’re looking for a robust portable Bluetooth speaker to take on adventures outside the house, the Sonos Move is probably not the right fit.

If you've been wanting the ability to move your Sonos speaker to your balcony, or basically anywhere else in your abode where you don’t need a full-time dedicated speaker, then the Move is a tremendous portable option.

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

You’re probably familiar with what a Nest Thermostat does by know, but if you’re not, it’s a digital thermostat that regulates the temperature of your home by learning your heating and cooling habits.

Nest thermostats also use your postcode to predict the weather, allowing them to intuitively make your home cooler or warmer based on changing conditions.

The Nest Thermostat app breaks information down into simple segments you can control and view via an app so you can study heating and cooling patterns and find ways to save power. They also integrate seamlessly with the Google Smart Home ecosystem.

Simply put, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation blurs the lines between home automation and energy efficiency, as it continues to learn your usage habits and adjusts to your lifestyle, it can help conserve energy and lower your energy bill.

Now, does helping someone save money on their power bill not sound like an amazing Christmas gift ?

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