How can I re-add my plan?

Quick answer

Once your payment details are updated/ready to be charged, the process to re-add your regular plan can be completed via Myamaysim, amayaim app or by simply sending the plan code to 568.

Re-add your plan via Myamaysim

  1. Log in to My amaysim and select manage plan
  2. Scroll down and click change plan.
  3. Choose your new plan from the drop-down option and follow the prompts. This will re-add your chosen plan and charge the payment method on your account

Re-add your plan via the amaysim app

  1. Log in to the amaysim mobile app and select the sim you wish to manage.
  2. Click restart plan to re-add your usual 28-day mobile plan (alternatively select change plan if you want to try a new plan). This will automatically charge the payment method linked to your account.

Alternatively, to recharge using vouchers, you'll need to buy and redeem a new credit voucher.

Re-add your plan via SMS

To re-add your plan via SMS, simply send the plan code to 568.

  • SMS $10PLAN for UNLIMITED 1GB ($10)
  • SMS $20PLAN for UNLIMITED 5GB ($20)
  • SMS $30PLAN for UNLIMITED 30GB ($30)
  • SMS $40PLAN for UNLIMITED 45GB ($40)
  • SMS $50PLAN for UNLIMITED 60GB ($50)

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