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What to do when your bill shocks you

17 Sep 2015
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If you’ve been hit with a case of bill shock, here are the top three things you can do to figure out why.

There aren’t that many feelings worse than bill shock (even wet socks). It’s that feeling you get when you receive a bigger bill than you bargained for. If you’ve been hit with a case of bill shock, here are the top three things you can do to figure out why.

Get an itemised list of your usage

Knowledge is power, especially in the telco world. We always encourage our customers to familiarise themselves with their plan’s inclusions and excess rates, and their mobile usage habits. Believe it or not, most cases of bill shock come from underestimating your usage habits.

A quick look at your data usage, call sessions and text messages should give you an idea of your monthly usage where the overspend happened. amaysim customers can do this simply by logging into My amaysim and heading to Usage History.

Set usage alerts and review your data settings

Aussies are a pretty data-hungry bunch, so it’s likely that bulk of your bill shock has come from going over your included data. Luckily there are a few data safeguards you can put in place so your mobile doesn’t get a bigger data workout than you want.

Your telco should send you usage alerts via text message or email when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% of your plan’s included credit or data. These super handy alerts can help you adjust your usage to make sure you have enough to last your billing cycle. For amaysim customers these usage alerts are enabled by default, but if you’ve turned them off in the past you can re-enable them in My Settings in My amaysim.

If you’ve got an Android smartphone you can set data limits or warnings to get notifications when you’re close to hitting your limit. Once you reach the limit your mobile data will be turned off (but you can turn it back on again if you struggle to stay offline). Here’s how it’s done:

Ask your telco to look into your account

If you’re still unsure about the charges you’ve received on your bill, don’t be shy – get in touch with your telco and ask them to take a peek into your account. They should be able to explain to you exactly where the extra charges have come from and can even offer you tips on how to curb your usage and bring down your monthly charges.

Do you have any tips to avoid bill shock? Share your skills in the comments below.