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Three ways to avoid BS (bill-shock)

15 Sep 2015
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Having everything online or just "an app away" has made staying on top of bills and services easier than ever. Here are some of my top tips so you can do the same.

I’m a ‘set and forgetter’ when it comes to my accounts so getting blindsided by a mammoth energy bill really knocked the wind out of my finances (not to mention my weekend plans) coming out of winter. So earlier this month I resolved to take control of my finances so that the next bill I receive won’t put me in the recovery position.

How am I doing that? Well, it comes down to micromanaging my accounts.

Get familiar with your usage

The first thing to do is to take a look at your usage across your utilities accounts. Let’s take your mobile plan for example – for me, I use a lot of my data travelling to and from work as well as when I’m streaming tunes and tracking my run when I exercise.

I’m signed up with amaysim (cheap plug for the employer, eh?) and we provide a data calculator on our website for folks looking to see how much data they use. Even if you’re with another telco, give the amaysim Data Calculator a whirl - it’ll give you a good idea of how much data you use every month. Go on, I won’t tell your telco.

Are you on the right plan for you?

Once you know approximately how much you’re using, take a closer look at your phone plan to see if it really is the best one for you.

Here’s a hypothetical to illustrate my point – say I’m on the UNLIMITED 50GB mobile plan, so I get 50GB of data and unlimited standard national calls and texts. I love the calls and texts but I noticed I was always going over my data allowance by half a gig and it was starting to add up. Moving up to the next plan would have given me more data than I’d have known what to do with it, so instead I add 1GB to my account for $10 – it costs less than paying 7.2c/MB and gives me the freedom to use my phone as usual (but with a little more confidence).

You can apply this same logic to things like your energy plan and your bank account – adjusting your plan according to your usage will help you make the most of inclusions better suited to your usage and wallet.

Set and forget with mobile usage alerts

Once you’ve gotten your head around your usage and plan inclusions, you’re in a much safer position to indulge the ‘set and forgetter’ inside you. In fact, when it comes to your telco, this’d be a great opportunity to set up data usage alerts to really help you along the way. Here at amaysim, our customers get a text or email notification when they’re 50%, 85% and 100% through their plan’s included data and credit, so opting-in to these messages is a no-brainer. Most telcos provide similar ways to keep track of your usage, so check out your provider’s app or drop them a line to find out how they can keep you posted on how you’re travelling every month.

Take it from me – just by tweaking how you approach your bills, you can reduce the chances that you’ll be paying for this month’s decisions with next month’s good times.

Do you have any sure-fire ways of getting the most out of the services you’re signed up to? Or perhaps tempted to check out our amaysim plans? Let us know in the comments.

Tipo - amaysim's content guy