Getting the nbn is pretty straightforward for homeowners. But where does that leave those of us who haven’t bought a house yet because we can’t stop buying coffee and smashed avo?

If you’re currently shacked up in a rental property, you may not realise how easy it is to access the nbn. Once the owner has authorised installation, you can start making the most of the new network.

It sounds simple, but you probably still have questions about what your rights are as a renter. To help you access the fastest internet available in Australia, we’ve created a tenant’s guide to getting the nbn.

power to the people tenants

If the owner of your property doesn’t know about the nbn or simply hasn’t bothered to install it yet, you might need to take the reins. But first things first – before chasing up your landlord, you should probably find out when the nbn will become available in your area.

You can do this by checking your address on our website or NBN Co’s. Just to clear up any confusion, the NBN Co is a government-owned company responsible for installing and maintaining the nbn. They’re not an actual service provider (like we are).

You never know, your suburb might already have access to the nbn. On the other hand, it could still be a few years away. But you won’t know until you check!

dealing with your landlord

When it comes to getting the nbn, try to involve the owner of your property as much as possible. Apart from proving what an amazing tenant you are, working with your landlord can make the nbn setup much easier.

If the owner is reluctant to install the nbn, simply tell them how awesome it is! To be fair, they might be a little confused – more than 50% of Aussies are confused at the thought of having to switch to the nbn.

Once you fill them in on how much more appealing their property will be once it has the nbn, they might be more motivated to help you out (just don’t give them any ideas about raising the rent).

55% of Aussies are confused and unclear on their options when it comes to nbn broadband

FAQs for tenants

Will I need to pay a fee for the nbn to get installed in my rental property

No. The government is doing us a favour by installing the nbn free of charge. Treat yo’self, Australia.

When should I contact the owner of the property about getting the nbn installed?

Preferably before it becomes available in your area. To avoid getting stuck at the back of the queue, don't wait until the nbn goes live to notify your landlord.

Will my landlord need to authorise the nbn connection?

If any permanently fixed nbn equipment needs to be installed in your home (such as an nbn connection box), you should contact either your landlord or the property manager. The sooner you get in touch with the owner of the property, the sooner you can start setting up the nbn.

Do I need to make the switch to the nbn?

You sure do. The old copper network will eventually be dismantled, leaving those who haven’t been hooked up to the nbn with no way of accessing the internet. Youch.

Can I choose a service provider? Or will the landlord decide?

While your landlord should be involved in the initial set up of the nbn, finding a service provider is up to you.

Not sure where to start when it comes to nbn providers? Checking out our nbn plans is a great place to start – they all come with unlimited data, and no standard activation or termination fees so you, so what’s stopping you?


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