Ah, the arrival of Spring in Australia. The sounds of birds singing, the smell of jasmine, the inevitable shock of a blown out energy bill over the next few months. Wait, what?

Higher temperatures over Spring and Summer, doesn't have to result in a higher energy bill. Keep your cool and be an energy saver with our summer energy saving guide.

an open and shut case - fresh air & sunlight

Open windows, curtains and blinds to let natural sunlight and cool fresh air in, close them to keep hot air and direct sun rays out – this way you'll be able to leave the lights and air con off. Now that’s energy efficient!

care for your air con

Air con filters are like belly buttons - fluff and lint gets in and you need to clean it out. A dirty filter has to work harder to cool things down – and that uses more energy. Save electricity by giving your air conditioner a once over with a maintenance service to keep it in tip-top working order.

Washing Machine

go cold turkey - wash full loads in cold water

When it comes to laundry, hot or warm water gobbles up heaps more energy than cold. Pre-treat stains and a cold cycle will do just as good a job as an energy zapping hot one. Always do a full load – a half load uses almost as much power.

join the fan club

Become a fan of a fan. Unlike air con, fans don’t cool the air - they move it around – and use a whole lot less energy. Your ceiling fan blades should rotate anti-clockwise – it forces the air down, creating a wind chill effect that makes the air feel cooler. Now that’s cool!

line dry washing

Don’t air out your dirty laundry. Air dry your clean stuff. Nothing beats free energy from the sun. Skip the dryer, grab the pegs and head to the clothes line. Just check the weather – we’ve all done the mad dash to the line when it starts raining!

dishwasher - wash, don’t dry

Save energy by stopping your dishwasher before the heat drying setting. When the washing cycle’s done, open the door open and the dishes will dry on their own. Voila!


spring clean your fridge

Ew. Mouldy leftovers at the back of the fridge? Liquefied lettuce at the bottom of the crisper? A jar with an expiry date – from two years ago? Spring means it’s time for that winter soup to go. Check and chuck old and unwanted food – and make a mental note not to buy more than you’re going to consume. You’ll lower energy consumption and your grocery bill.

switch up your energy plan

Although these tips are no doubt great for helping reduce your overall energy usage during the warmer months, it’s equally important to ensure your energy plan is cost-effective and suitable for your household’s needs; shop around and compare the prices of energy plans to ensure you’re receiving the best deal.

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Till next time!


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