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Rolling! How to use video on Facebook

08 Jun 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


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I’ve done a roundup of the new video features on Facebook and created a handy guide so you can understand what they are and how to use them.

As always Facebook is ahead of the curve. The curve they’re currently ahead of is the use of video on social media. But, as with any new technology or new feature, this one can be a little tricky to master. That’s why I’ve done a roundup of the new video features on Facebook and created a handy guide so you can understand what they are and how to use them.

Facebook Live

Live video broadcast has been around for a while with Periscope and Meerkat setting the benchmark, but Facebook has now made it easier than ever. In case you haven’t used a live broadcast on social before, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Live basically allows you to stream a live video of anything you want to your friends or followers. Then your friends or followers can respond or comment on the video in real time. Missing out on a party because you’re stuck at home with the flu? Just get your mates to live stream it and you’ll feel like you’re right there. Pretty great huh?

That’s not all. Facebook Live just got even cooler with a range of features that will give you more ways to discover, share, interact and personalise your broadcasts than ever before.

Not only can you live broadcast from your personal profile, you can now live broadcast in Facebook Groups and Events. This means you’ll be able to directly broadcast to the people who are part of the group or event. You could post a new workout in your gym group or broadcast the birthday girl blowing out the candles for people who can’t attend her party.

Live broadcasting doesn’t just involve the person behind the camera. Facebook have introduced a slew of new features to make Live more interactive. Live Reactions allow you to react to a broadcast in real time using the reaction buttons. These reactions will appear and then disappear quickly so you’ll see how viewers are reacting to the broadcast as it happens. And you don't have to worry about unflattering videos, Facebook has introduced a range of filters that you can apply. The lighting is always good when you go live.

But, how do you know which broadcasts to tune into? Facebook has an answer for that too. You can search live broadcasts and find the ones everyone is talking about, discover videos from friends and people or brands you follow. With this feature, you'll be watching live broadcasts as they happen. Imagine if you had been the one to discover the Chewbacca mask lady (I know, you know, what I’m talking about).

Facebook Live Broadcasts to Follow ASAP

  • The BBC – This is a great spot to go to get news immediately. They also have a great back catalogue for you to scroll through.
  • Buzzfeed – The masters of click bait have gone live on Facebook and their broadcasts are just as funny as you would imagine. Tune in for 3pm LOLs or just watch them explode a watermelon using only rubber bands. Hilarious.
  • The Met – Can’t make it to New York for the latest exhibitions or openings? No problems, tune into The Met’s live broadcast. It’s highbrow entertainment, instantly.

Facebook 360

360 video is awesome. It uses a special set of cameras to record all 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously. Then it puts the viewer in control of the camera and just like turning your head in real life, the viewer can choose which part of the video they want to focus on. It makes for a pretty immersive viewing experience.

Everyone can use 360. It allows you to view videos from your friends and family or from media companies, organisations and personalities. Early adopters are getting pretty creative with how they are using 360 and it’s only going to get better. Stay tuned guys!

Facebook 360 account to follow ASAP

  • GoPro – Sports fans, adrenaline junkies and outdoor adventure lovers need to tune into Go Pro's 360 videos stat. Walk with wild rhinos or get barreled in some of the biggest waves in the world – these videos give you an entirely new perspective on places you’ve never been before.
  • Saturday Night Live – don’t worry about watching Saturday Night Live actually live. They have great 360 videos so you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the front row.
  • VICE – The leading source on all things hip their 360 meme videos are pretty funny and always on point.

That’s my rundown on the new video features on Facebook. I’d love to hear your opinion, what do you think about them?


Mariah - amaysim's content & community chick