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Spring has sprung! It's time to give your mobile a spring clean

Spring has sprung! It's time to give your mobile a spring clean

19 Aug 2018
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Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house or the office. Take a leaf out of our book this change of season and spring clean your mobile.

When you get into the swing of things, getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your life can be pretty satisfying – especially when it comes to your mobile.

From those unused data-munching apps to photos and videos that are taking up way too much space, we’ll show you how to clear it all away so you’re ready to start the sunny season on the right foot.

delete (or organise) your apps

What’s the first step to clean up your phone? Simple – a ruthless deleting-spree.

Think about it, do you really need a Tokyo train timetable app that you used on your trip to Japan three months ago? We love Tokyo, but we’re going to go with a hard no.

And never underestimate the importance of keeping your apps organised

Have four or five apps you use day-in and day-out? Move them straight to your main screen.

On the flip-side, it’s worthwhile moving apps that are used less frequently (or that get you easily distracted) into categories using folders on your phone’s secondary pages.

Having less clutter on your smartphone is a subtle but effective way of reducing visual overkill – meaning you’ll be more productive in the long-term.

manage your photos

If you constantly find yourself running out of storage and deleting photos on the fly, we have some easy wins so you’re not left red faced when you go to snap your next #foodporn meal:

  • Keep your photos organised and create photo albums for significant events and holidays
  • Once you do that, you’ll be able to transfer your photos to cloud storage or an expandable storage system without needing to re-organise everything
  • It’s never a bad idea to back up your photos to cloud storage or another device laptop so they aren’t lost if your phone is lost or becomes unusable.

freshen up your contact list

Now we know what you’re thinking – deleting friends, I can’t do that! In reality, many of us are guilty of having a bunch of contacts on our phone that we barely know.

Solution? Get rid of the contacts you either don’t remember or don’t need.

Plus, with apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it’s more than likely you’ll be able to find the people who are important to you if you misplace or accidentally delete their number from your contact list.

keep a tidy email inbox

If your phone’s email inbox is out of control, you’ll be less likely to find and respond to important emails.

To keep your inbox in tip-top shape, unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails that you don’t need.

Also, create a filing system with folders that separate the different emails you get. That way you can stay up to date with the stuff that you find more important.

Finally - don't be afraid to delete! Once an email has been actioned and you don't need it anymore, put the delete hammer on full throttle so you can maintain your inbox's tidiness for good.