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Step your game up with these five podcasts

10 Feb 2019
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it would be close to impossible to be oblivious to the rise of the humble podcast.

Despite being an influential cog in the digital media landscape for the better part of 15 years, there’s no question the popularity of podcasts has reached feverish levels as we begin 2019.

It's undeniable that become spoiled for choice when it comes to the amount of quality podcasts floating around the nternet, finding the best of the best however, can take a bit of groundwork.

Whether it’s gathering intel from friends, or just pestering clever people in general, sometimes a bit of digging is crucial in order to find podcast gold.

In the name of simplicity, we’ve rounded up five of the best podcasts currently making waves, so you can step your podcast game up once and for all.

Vox Today Explained
Photo Courtesy Of Vox

Vox: Today Explained

Vox’s unique take on current events, has seen a huge rise in fame for the news publication over the past few years; including landing them a popular Netflix series titled ‘Explained’.

Today Explained is one of their many podcast series that tackles the worlds important day-today news topics, providing the perfect backdrop for your daily commute.

From Bill Gate’s views on climate change, to dissecting the latest political chatter from around the world. Vox’s unique perspective in covering the worlds news, make this a must listen.

Mostly Lit
Photo Courtesy Of Mostly Lit

Mostly Lit

Mostly Lit sees the dynamic trio of Alex Reads, Raifa Rafiq and Derek Owusu host a show that focuses on literature, millennial wellness and pop culture.

Books feature heavily, but the wider convo stems around topical points of interest and that little thing known as the millennial experience.

Insightful doesn’t quite do the podcast justice, but we’ll run with it anyway.

The trio are an awesome listen and yes, it’s one of those scenarios where after a few episodes you’ll feel compelled to personally make friends with them all.

2 Cents Podcast
Photo Courtesy Of The 2 Cents Podcast

The 2 Cents Podcast

If the thought of checking your bank account sometimes make you quiver, The 2 Cents Podcast might be your perfect match.

Hosted by three friends in their twenties, the weekly show offers refreshingly honest conversations around the subject of money.

From advice on saving for a wedding, to the best ways on how to ask for a pay-rise; the show is delivered in a refreshing style, that’s not overly serious.

A quality listen!

Bill Simmons Podcast
Photo Courtesy Of The Ringer

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons is a highly respected American sports columnist and founder/CEO of The Ringer, a blog and podcast network.

His self-named podcast is most downloaded sports podcast of all time, covering sports and pop culture, while also delving into that hard to avoid topic: politics.

Featuring interviews with celebrities, athletes, and journalists, Simmons entertaining humour, make the show a must listen for any avid sports fan.

Modern Love
Photo Courtesy Of WBUR

Modern Love

The podcast version of The New York Times infamous weekly relationship column, Modern Love explores the joys and tribulations of intimate relationships in their many forms.

Each episode features a memorable Modern Love essay read by notables guests such as January Jones, Judd Apatow and Catherine Keener, followed by conversations with host Meghna Chakrabarti, Modern Love editor Daniel Jones and the essay writers themselves.