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From iPhone to Android and back again

22 Jan 2016
Julian - amaysim blogger

Julian R

amaysim's PR guy

When the iPhone 6S went on sale I thought I’d give Apple another chance.

I’ve just bought my first iPhone since 2010 – that’s right, the last time I owned an iPhone Lady Gaga was hitting up her local butcher for a dress. After the 3GS I had a string of Android devices. I loved them all for different reasons, whether it be screen size, speed, expandable storage, camera or charging speed. To be honest the one aspect of a smartphone I’ve never loved is battery life- so when the iPhone 6S went on sale I thought I’d give Apple another chance.

Battery life like on the iPhone 6S?

I tend to have a few apps running at any one time, like Strava and Spotify when I’m running, Facebook, emails pinging for updates and regular Instagram and Twitter sessions. I also watch a fair few surfing videos on Instagram, so am not surprised that it’s the main battery sucker, accounting for 19 per cent of my daily use, with Safari, Mail, Phone and Facebook rounding out the top five culprits battery draining in that order.

The battery doesn’t get me through a day, but I’ve never had a smartphone with a battery that does, so I’m resigned to the fact that multi-tasking and constant use means mid-day battery pit-stops. Unless I pick up Apple’s iPhone Smart Battery Case. On the data front, I’m still going through the same amount – about 1GB a week of my UNLIMITED 65GB plan.

Screen quality

The iPhone 6S Plus is waaaaaaaay too big for me even though I tend to read lots of documents on my phone, because I like to run holding my smartphone and think jeans should come in two fits – skinny or spray-on. That said the screen on the iPhone 6S has great resolution and is pretty user-friendly for reading documents, watching videos and scrolling through news feeds.

Photos with video at the beginning – what is this madness?!

One of the coolest features of the iPhone 6S is the awesome Live Photo feature where you see a lightning-quick piece of video when you open pics taken on the phone. For instance, if I take a photo of someone while they’re turning towards me, I’ll see a snippet of their head turning before it freezes into a still pic. It’s kinda like the cool, moving newspaper photos in Harry Potter.

Body and design

The body, while ultra-slim, feels solid and sleek, more-so than my last few phones. That said, I’ve still got it in a sturdy case to survive those jogs where a flying leap up a staircase or slip in the rain goes wrong. Even so, it feels like a solid yet light piece of kit.

Am I happy with my transition?

After a few years on one operating system, it does feel like a nice change. The sturdiness is awesome, camera function rocks and it’s a svelte product. I pine for the flick-down Android home screen function and back button though, so it’s a matter of trade-offs. That said, all up I’m happy with the purchase. Will I switch back to Android? Maybe further down the track, we’ll just have to see what Android come out with next.

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